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Have you made your resolutions, yet?

Truthfully, while I’m a big fan of goal setting and personal growth, I’m not a big fan of resolutions. It all comes down to math for me.  By the end of January, statistics show that only 64 percent of resolvers are still hanging in there. By June, that number drops to 44 percent or lower. Ultimately, only 8 percent of people who make resolutions, stick with them.

In other words, the odds are stacked against you.

Having said that, there are some resolutions, from a business standpoint, that are not pre-fated to fail:

  • Set realistic goals.
    • Most resolutions collapse under their own weight (so to speak).  Establish achievable, incremental goals. When you reach one benchmark, set another.
  • Invest in your team.
    • The best investment I ever made is in building the best team in the business.  One of my best resolutions is to continue to invest in their professional development and happiness.
  • Focus on your customer.
    • You cannot go wrong by anticipating your customers’ needs and wants, and then delivering them.
  • Operate with integrity.
    • This isn’t so much a resolution, as it is a daily resolve. But it is definitely worth putting out there.
  • Get inspired by listening to others.
    • You know what happens in a vacuum: dust collection. I’ve learned so much by getting out of my office and out in the world.  Inspiration comes in unexpected ways. One can expect it, though, by simply listening to and interacting with others.
  •  Listen to your gut more.
    • Finally, your own intuition is usually your best guide. If you resolve to be more attentive to what your inner voice is telling you, your odds for success are much greater.

I am resolved to have a happy and prosperous 2014. And I’m making the same resolution for you.