Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

By Jim Pilgrim

There are many theories on why the Dinosaurs disappeared from earth 65 million years ago. (An asteroid that hit the Yucatan peninsula, a super nova, climatic changes that raised the oxygen content in the atmosphere which increased their metabolic rate, disease carrying insects, increased volcanic activity, even that the slow moving, dim-witted dinosaurs couldn’t cope with the mammals stealing their eggs).

Not that it matters, but I’m in the asteroid camp.

No matter the reason, why did mammals survive? Some scientists say that mammals lived in burrows or in aquatic environments that shielded them from the intense heat (asteroid), others say that there wasn’t enough food for the dinosaurs (climate change, volcano) or that the more generalized tastes of mammals allowed them survive. Most will agree that mammals were generally small and nimble, and very adaptive. Suited to change quickly and adapt to new environments.

100 million years ago the dinosaurs were the undisputed king of beasts, their passing in history allowed the mammals to thrive and take their place on earth.

Well last week a T-Rex ate an Allosuarus in our industry. And I’m thankful to still be working at company that operates like a mammal.