Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

I wish I could address this note to each of you by name.  Unfortunately, I no longer know each of you by face (and unfortunately, was embarrassed last week when I didn’t even know one of our employees and couldn’t introduce him as one of our new hires in the sales organization to the rest of our Clearfield community!) With growth comes excitement – and more work to keep the growth coming.

At Clearfield, we are dedicated to the core values with which we built this company over the last six years.  Our values, which start with Listening to our Customers, to Recognize their needs and Understand how we can Collaborate to Deliver the solutions that quickly and cost-effectively meet your requirements, is the driving force behind Clearfield.

Our company is growing quickly – in fourth quarter our revenues grew by 84% over the prior year’s period. This growth has taxed our environment, but I am so proud of how the Clearfield employee community upheld our values while experiencing this last growth wave.  On-time delivery was not to our expectations during this period, and we are working diligently to not only continue on our growth goals, but to stay strong with the core competency that has made the Clearfield culture one of no excuses – simply, get the job done.

While the job is never really done, it’s also important to take time to Celebrate – it’s our sixth core value. We will be operating the Company on a limited staff on Friday, December 6th and Monday, December 9th, so that our employees and their spouses can enjoy some rest and relaxation together.  The whole group, ranging from our hourly staff that are building panels and cassettes on the production floor, to the Chairman of the Board, will spend the weekend together in celebration of all that Clearfield is – and all we hope to build it to be.

We will remain open for business during this period with some members of the Clearfield community electing to be on-site those two days to ensure resources are available to respond to your needs. However, any advance planning you can do during this time period would be much appreciated.

We look forward to earning your business with every purchase order.

Warmest regards,

Cheri Beranek

President/CEO Clearfield