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Enables installers access to the NID without entering the home.

Minneapolis (May 25, 2011) — Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLFD), the specialist in fiber connectivity and management solutions for Fiber to the Premise (FTTp) deployments, introduces the CraftSmart Test Access Point (TAP)— offering  the service provider an exterior test access or “meet me” point for a variety of small count fiber applications. The TAP joins the CraftSmart product line — a line of above and below-grade field enclosures that provide full optimization of fiber deployment when used alongsideClearfield’s FieldSmart platform of inside plant fiber panels, outside plant cabinets and wall boxes.

The CraftSmart TAP provides fiber hand-off at the customer business or prem, providing either 4 ports of interconnect or splice capacity. The TAP grants installers access to the terminated or spliced fiber drop cable interconnect point outside of the customer location before the circuit continues on inside to the active customer termination equipment. This solution allows service providers to identify potential issues in conductivity, without access to the customer premise location. Made of durable, lightweight ABS thermoplastic material, this NEMA rated closure consists of a base, cover and accessories for different applications, including adapter bulkhead, splice sleeves, ground bonding, and slack storage.

“Consistent with Clearfield’s Small Count Delivery (SCD) and CraftSmart architecture, the TAP supports any media in and out of the device including flat drop and traditional OSP constructions,” said Johnny Hill, chief operating officer at Clearfield. “Additionally, the box is optimized to integrate the time and labor saving elements of Miniflex’s TuffDuct microduct and pushable fiber delivery system.”

“As our North American market development partner,Clearfieldhas been instrumental in introducing Miniflex into theU.S.telecommunications market,” said Larry Malone, president,Americas, at Miniflex. “The CraftSmart TAP teams the craft-friendly product innovation ofClearfieldwith the operational cost savings of the Miniflex solution.”


For ease of powering and battery life, the ONT within an FTTp environment is increasingly being moved inside of the home. However, this has introduced new challenges as access to the ONT is difficult. In a troubleshooting application, the service provider needs a hand-off or demarcation point to determine if the network event is happening upstream or downstream. The TAP provides that point saving field operations personnel a significant amount of time.

In business class applications, the TAP provides the perfect fiber management device for delivering up to 4 ports of fiber connectivity or 4 splices in a small count delivery application.

Product Details

The CraftSmart TAP is a two part self-sealing closure, which accommodates up to 4 fibers for test and access purposes. Its compact design, measuring 7.5”H x 8.5”W x 1 1/4”D, provides an aesthetically pleasing footprint on the exterior of a FTTH customer’s home or in any business class customer environment. The TAP is made of high impact UV resistant thermal plastic designed to withstand environmental challenges. The CraftSmart TAP supports industry standard SC or LC singlemode connectors and is available with pre-terminated feeder and drop cables. The TAP is patch and splice compatible, and includes built-in splice trays for optimal convenience. Multiple mounting options are available to meet specific application needs. This product was engineered with easy access, easy installation and maximum flexibility in mind.

Price and Availability

The CraftSmart Test Access Point (TAP) will be available for shipping early June, starting at a list price of under $30. Product is available direct fromClearfieldor from our growing network of distribution partners. Please contact your localClearfieldrepresentative for more information on ordering for your specific network needs.

Video Presentation Available
To learn more about the CraftSmart Test Access Point Box or the CraftSmart Fiber Protection product line, informational videos can be viewed at

About Clearfield, Inc.
Clearfield, Inc. sets the standard for fiber performance with FiberDeep, while lowering the cost of broadband deployment with the FieldSmart fiber management platform and the CraftSmart OSP enclosure system. FieldSmart is the only fiber management platform to be designed around a single architecture – the Clearview Cassette and xPAK— for the inside plant, outside plant and access network. Scaling from 1 to 1728 ports, FieldSmart supports a wide range of panel and cabinet configurations, densities, connectors and adapter options, and are offered alongside an assortment of passive optical components. CraftSmart is the industry’s only field enclosure system optimized for fiber deployment. FiberDeep is a new class of fiber patch cords that guarantees performance at .2dB insertion loss — fully half that of the industry standard. Clearfield provides a complete line of fiber and copper assemblies for inside plant, outside plant and access networks. Clearfield is a public company traded on NASDAQ: CLFD.