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FieldSmart Small Count Delivery Case offers drop-cable fiber protection with innovative modular approach

Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLFD), the specialist in fiber management solutions for Fiber to the Premise (FTTp) deployments, will be demonstrating the FieldSmart Small Count Delivery (SCD) Case. This innovative, intuitive modular enclosure system provides for any drop cable media in all application environments. While utilizing proven traditional sealed closure techniques, designers of the FieldSmart SCD Case have built in the modularity that allows for placement on strand, pole, above-grade pedestal, or below-grade level vault environments. The FieldSmart SCD-Case is an any-media last mile access closure that, among many other things, supports splicing of last mile drops and mid-spanning of traditional OSP cable when it is being used to maximize the fiber asset in a concatenated deployment. By delivering a single enclosure for any deployment topology, Clearfield is offering broadband service providers the key to reducing installation and maintenance costs in the access network.

The modular approach of the FieldSmart SCD Case allows for the removal of the cable management bulkhead for cable prep, termination or splicing in a conditioned environment such as a splice trailer. Dual round entry/exit ports allow for direct landing of feeder cable and/or mid-span techniques. The SCD Case accommodates the plug-n-play technology advantages of the Clearview xPAK and Miniflex drop cable system or traditional flat drop cable solutions using industry standard or HFOC connectors. The SCD Case also provides for splicing of the drop directly to the feeder or to the outbound legs of 1×4, 1×8, or 1×16 splitters in distributed split architecture.