Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

Application-specific packaging options now available for convenient, cost-effective delivery of optical component technology to remote locations.

MINNEAPOLIS (March 5, 2010) — Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLFD) announced its latest innovation in reducing the cost of optical component delivery. In addition to the industry standard package of discrete (unpackaged) and LGX style modules, Clearfield is announcing four application-specific packaging alternatives.

“Clearfield’s Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) devices utilize advanced thin-film filter and array wave guide grating (AWG) technologies to address the mux and demux needs of such diverse application environments as node segmentation, cell backhaul deployment and the delivery of business class services,” comments Johnny Hill, COO of Clearfield. “Responding to service providers who told us that ‘one size does not fit most,’ Clearfield provides four unique alternatives to ensure that no matter what your preference or environment, your deployment can be convenient and cost-effective.”

Clearview xPAK
The Clearview xPAK is a compact and convenient means by which to land up to seven input/output ports. It can be deployed as a standalone device or as part of Clearfield’s “Clearview Landed” program — integrated into a Clearfield designed enclosure or many industry-leading enclosures from the provider of your choosing.

Clearview Cassette
The foundation of the Clearfield FieldSmart product line, the Clearview Cassette, is the most scalable alternative and provides up to 36 input/output ports of optical component connectivity. The Clearview Cassette then populates any “Clearview Multiplied” product across the network, including FieldSmart inside plant panels, outside plant cabinets, and access-network products, such as pedestals and wall box enclosures.

Clearview High Density Cassette
Delivering up to eight WDM optical devices in a single Clearview Cassette, the high density configuration leads the industry in the number of optical components housed in the smallest space.

Pizza Box
For deployment in a head-end rack or OSP cabinet, the Clearfield Pizza Box can deploy multiple optical devices in a 19” or 23” 1RU format.

Price and Delivery
WDM modules and all packaging options are shipping, and are being offered to market through distributors, such as Power & Tel. Contact a sales representative for a price quote on your particular application environment.

About Clearfield, Inc.
Clearfield, Inc. designs and manufactures the WaveSmart Platform of Powered Optical Signal products, including the WaveSmart PowerNode 1550 EDFA, and the FieldSmart Fiber Management Platform, which includes its latest generation FieldSmart Fiber Distribution System (FxDS), FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center (FSC) and FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point (FDP) series. The FxDS, FSC and FDP product lines are build upon the Clearview Cassette, delivering the industry’s only fiber management platform that is built upon a single architecture. Scaling from 12 to 1728 ports, FieldSmart support a wide range of panel and cabinet configurations, densities, connectors and adapter options, and are offered alongside an assortment of passive optical components. Clearfield provides a complete line of fiber and copper assemblies for inside plant, outside plant and access networks. Clearfield is a public company traded on NASDAQ: CLFD.  

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