Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

As an Application Engineer, I’ve been involved with a lot of fiber optic deployments…of all kinds. I especially enjoy seeing customers benefit from the help I can offer from my experience in telecom. Helping to relieve stress for the customer before, during and after an install by answering questions and offering field support is particularly rewarding.

As we approach another build season, it’s a great time to think about Clearfield®’s company values and how they also benefit our customers. We find it important to LISTEN to our customers, RECOGNIZE our skills and talents, UNDERSTAND our customer’s needs, COLLABORATE with each other to DELIVER the best solution…and then CELEBRATE our success. No matter what the project, we want to utilize outcome-based thinking to work toward the desired goal.

I was recently on a conference call with a new customer who was concerned about how to install our cabinets and wanted advice on best install practices. During this conversation, I told them that the FieldSmart® Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) Cabinet includes a 4" or 12" base and the cabinet is secured with cable ties to the base.

The installation supervisor said, “I love that it comes in two pieces because that makes installation so much easier.” We then discussed the best way to install the top half of the cabinet if the FDH has a 100' fiber tail. I told the foreman that we routinely shipped hoisting brackets with the cabinet to allow installers to suspend the cabinet as they uncoiled the fiber and pulled the tail to its destination. This would simplify the install so that as they got near the end, they could just lower the FDH into place and bolt it down.

The foreman was very pleased with the FDH manual and I assured him he could contact me any time. He said, “This is going to be one of the easiest installs I will ever do!”

After the call, I had that great feeling of knowing I helped another customer relieve some of their worries. I felt that we’d really worked together well to obtain our desired goal.

If you want to take some of the pressure off your busy season, I especially encourage you to contact us before you build. We’re happy to walk you through the process and give you advice on best practices. No question is too small. Whether you’re a service provider employee or a contractor…looking at a wireless, multi-dwelling unit (MDU), FTTx or other deployment…we have the experience to save you time and money before you get going on your builds.

Please reach out to Clearfield…whether by phone, by email or by seeing us at an event. We look forward to listening to you, understanding your needs, collaborating with each other, delivering the best solution…and most of all…celebrating our mutual success!

By Kevin Tusing

A Clearfield Application Engineer for over 5 years, Kevin Tusing works with customers on their fiber-fed deployments. Kevin's professional experience includes Cable Technician at the U.S. Air Force and Cable Splicer/Manager at Cincinnati Bell. He has expertise in fiber optic, wireless and FTTx solutions.