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Home Deployment Kits provide easy-to-use connectivity solutions that reduce installation time by nearly 30 minutes per connection

MINNEAPOLIS - April 7, 2020 - Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ:CLFD), the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, today announced the introduction of Home Deployment Kits. Designed to streamline and ease the task of FTTH deployment, Home Deployment Kits include everything you need to connect a home to fiber -- all in one box. Clearfield’s Home Deployment Kits can reduce install time by 30 minutes per install. For carriers looking to deploy a fiber network to 1,000 homes over the next year, this equates to a time savings of 500 hours with a lower-cost per install team. For those consumers willing to take a do-it-yourself approach, the Home Deployment Kit enables a contactless installation keeping residents and fiber technicians at a safe distance.

Engineered to address one of the most common scenarios in FTTH deployments, Clearfield’s new Home Deployment Kits complete the fiber connection from outside the home to the point where the customer equipment is located inside the home. Because homes vary greatly in size, shape, and building material, technicians previously needed different types of fasteners to attach fiber. Clearfield simplifies this by packaging all the necessary materials in one convenient kit.

“At Clearfield our priority is to accelerate cost-effective fiber fed deployments. Our customers are eager for a product package that includes all the necessary materials to easily install fiber and feed it all the way to the customer equipment no matter the varying scenario,” said Kevin Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer, Clearfield. “With everything needed for a home installation all in one box, not only are truck rolls reduced, but service providers will have everything from fasteners to the correct length of patch cord right at their fingertips. We anticipate service providers will save time and money for any deployment model, suiting even the most challenging home installations.”

Home Deployment Kits include four choices of an Outside Plant (OSP) Test Access Point (TAP) as follows:

  • NEW CraftSmart® TAP-Base – splice only, limited slack storage, NEMA 4
  • NEW CraftSmart® TAP-Flex – plug-and-play, 25’ incoming slack storage, NEMA 3S
  • YOURx®-TAP – plug-and-play, 50’ incoming/100’ outgoing slack storage, NEMA 4
  • FieldSmart® TAP – plug-and-play, 100’ incoming/200’ outgoing slack storage, NEMA 4

In addition, every Home Deployment Kit includes a NEW consumer-friendly CraftSmart Fiber Outlet for inside wiring, fiber patch cords and FieldShield® drop fiber as needed. The components of the Clearfield Home Deployment Kit can be used with any types while being optimized for FieldShield FLEXdrop® pre-terminated entrance fiber. Configured with a Clearfield pushable connector, FieldShield simplifies entrance into the home. After installing the entrance fiber, the CraftSmart Fiber Outlet terminates the fiber inside the home.

Home Deployment Kits are available for shipment May 2020. More information can be found on this introductory video, the associated data sheets or at

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