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Everything can change in a second.

I had just checked into my hotel and went back out to my car in the parking lot to head out to a customer meeting. I put my car in reverse to back out of my parking spot and about 10 feet away, a car lost control at high speed and blew through the Holiday Inn Express sign, ricocheted off a parked minivan and launched into a man-made lake. The car sunk to the bottom of that 20’ deep lake in a matter of seconds. About 10 of us rushed to her aid but the water was too deep and murky. After a few minutes, we all knew she was gone. It always strikes me how time seems to change in those types of situations, speeds up and slows down at the same time.

I’m not sure I have any answers for what happened today, but I know I have some questions.

Am I living my life the way I should be?

Do I make the right decisions when given the chance?

Did I help others when they needed it?

Did I tell the ones in my heart that I love them today?

I hope so.

By: Jim Pilgrim