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Years ago, my brother Nick and I sat on the floor of my parents’ house, anticipating the start of our favorite show: “The Six Million Dollar Man.” The distinctive opening is riveting: “Steve Austin, astronaut, a man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man….better, stronger, faster.” We sat there mesmerized, excitedly waiting for the episode to start. The opening trailer shows him doing amazing things. That guy runs faster than anything, jumps higher than anyone, sees for a million miles (as far as we could tell). And that crazy bionic arm! Wow! I really wanted one of those!

Better, stronger, faster. That’s what drew us back every week. Nick and I lay on the floor of the family room, fully immersed in Steve Austin: the bionic man.

Fast forward to today. Now I’m an adult in the broadband world. Our slowest modems are faster than the bionic man. But we still want to make things better, stronger and faster.

Previously, I was a telecommunications contractor. A major challenge for contractors is balancing quality with speed. I was paid by the foot to install the network and typically had 15,000-30,000 feet of wire to install, terminate and qualify. Those were the Cat5 days, but it’s the same with fiber today. Same problem, different media.

That’s where Clearfield® comes in. Just like Oscar Goldman, Steve Austin’s supervisor, we want to make your processes better, stronger, faster. What’s it going to take? Bionics? Nope. Clearfield does all of that without crazy surgeries and long recoveries.

We keep it simple. We know that as a contractor, you need products that are user friendly, easy to install and don’t require specialized tools. Bottom line: you need stuff that makes your life less complicated.

Welcome to the Clearfield family of products. How about we make your installations go 50% faster? How about we take 90% of the splicing out of your deployments?

That’s what we offer with our FieldShield® and YOURx products…a true plug-and-play approach to an installation problem older than Steve Austin. By employing the Clearfield pre-connectorized approach, you cover more ground and connect more subscribers—all while using less experienced technicians. Why? Because we take on the hard part of deployments: the connectors. With the Clearfield system, all the connectors are factory terminated in a lab environment, ensuring that you get the best connection without all the hassle and expense of having to make them. It’s called first pass yield and eliminates waste from the manufacturing process. That means you get 100% quality every time. Amazing!

If you need a bionic upgrade, please contact us. You’ll be better, stronger, faster before you know it.

By Scot Bohaychyk

Scot Bohaychyk—Manager, Product Marketing—has nearly 30 years in the telecommunications industry. Scot’s background includes serving in The White House Communications Agency, providing communications infrastructure support for then-President Ronald Reagan and his White House staff. Scot’s private sector experience includes OSP field and engineering experience, as well as market development and sales work in the fields of blown and pushable fiber for long-haul fiber installations—both in the United States and overseas.