Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

Clearfield is headquartered in beautiful Minnesota—but along with our many wondrous lakes come many harsh environmental conditions. Digging outside to install a terminal is no picnic when the ground’s frozen solid. That’s OK—makes it easier to aggressively field-test our products in real-world conditions with the howling wind as background music.

We feel for you guys in other rugged conditions and designed the YOURx™-Aerial Terminal with many of the same features as our YOURx-Terminal—but for aerial or strand mount deployment.

Want Port Count Density?

We’ve got more than anyone else! Each endplate supports 12 drop ports, with a total capacity of 24 ports.

Want Flexibility?

Clearfield’s YOURx-Aerial Terminal allows for the flexibility to terminate a feeder fiber directly into revenue-generating drops. Four side entrance holes accept multiple cable types—up to 144 fiber count—not exceeding ¾" O.D. The YOURx-Aerial Terminal also has the capability to accommodate a fiber cable mid-span, allowing cables to be fully utilized while feeding multiple terminals and access points—which is no small feat.

Want Affordability?

Labor is a HUGE factor in the cost of fiber deployments and maintenance. Using our building block, plug-and-play approach produces a significant labor savings and gives faster FTTx deployments. Service providers can now rely on less seasoned network technicians to reliably connect more homes and businesses to the network, as opposed to the scarce resource of splice technicians. The YOURx-Aerial Terminal shortens the time installers spend in the bucket truck or on the pole by using the same fasteners common to all network installers, giving service providers the edge to speed fiber rollouts for any configuration, regardless of the fiber serving area. And the less labor, the more time you’ll have for doing other stuff…like figuring out how to spend that extra budget.

Want Innovation?

Escape the traditional constraints of fiber drops for FTTx deployments. Our innovative FieldShield drop cable assemblies provide the ability to connect any drop cable type to the YOURx-Aerial Terminal:

  • FieldShield® D-ROP – a Cable in Conduit (CIC) application that eliminates added labor costs to set the fiber in the duct
  • FieldShield FLATdrop – the first connector assembly available that provides hardened environment performance without the added cost of bulky connectors
  • FieldShield StrongFiber – a small Kevlar-reinforced fiber cable that’s ideal for use in FieldShield Microduct
  • FieldShield FLEXdrop – awesome for shorter drops and aggressive route paths

Want to Reduce Headaches?

Designed for super easy accessibility, the YOURx-Aerial Terminal application has an upward hinging, kickstand supported cover with four side entrance cable access ports. The backplane of the unit has the capacity to hold three splice trays. Each splice tray can support 24 loose tube splices or 72 ribbon splices with fiber management and bend-radius protection built into the design. Since a huge installation headache for both contractors and service providers is excess fiber slack storage, we’ve addressed this by accommodating ample internal slack storage capability of ribbon or loose fibers.

Want to Know More?

Sure you do! Check out our high-flying YOURx-Aerial Terminal…and don’t forget to look at the video too.

By Tim Kjolsing, Access Product Manager