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She led the Nation two years in a row in 3 point shots — 224 in her first two years of college basketball, set two National Tournament records with seven 3 pointers in two straight games and a total of 20 in the National Tournament three game set. Her 3 pt. shots accounted for over 60% of her total points. But the competition was finally catching on.

If a team really wants to stop a 3 pt. shooter, it’s not hard to do. Just put a “shadow” defender on them and never leave them open. There is a price to pay for that strategy.  You lose that defender for any help-side defense and they are usually out of position for rebounds. Her first adjustment was to move out farther behind the 3 pt. line, far enough where the defender wouldn’t think she would shoot from that far out. That strategy worked somewhat as she led the conference with sixty-eight 3’s her junior year. She knew that wasn’t the answer, because there is a limit to how far out you can shoot with accuracy. In the off season before her senior year, she worked hard on her inside game and her moves to the basket. Now halfway through her final college basketball season, 3 pt. shots account for 40% of her points but her points-per-game has gone up. (I’m a proud Papa!)

Recognize — Adapt — Succeed

The Universal Service Fund and InterCarrier Compensation was the 3 pt. shot for many Independent Telephone Companies across the country. The government has decided to take that away (and it wasn’t hard to do), but not without consequences. I think 2012 was the off-season for those Telcos. They are working hard on their “game” and are going to come back stronger and more diversified than ever before.

Life is a series of unending adjustments. The first step is to recognize you need to change, then you work hard to adapt. Success will follow.