Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

At one time or another, we all find ourselves in a quandary about how best to achieve a goal. Whether it be a personal goal or one relating to job, health or life in general, there are usually choices that need to be made along the way that will impact how effectively we achieve our desired outcome.

It’s the same for network providers. The goal of achieving a cost-effective network deployment turned up on-time can be determined by many choices and can depend on what is deemed the top priority—total TCO, environmental concerns, speed of deployment or robust restoration.

One way to achieve your goals (at least in the area of fiber network builds), is to find products that are flexible, accept multiple media types and are easy to use. Enter the FieldShield YOURx-Terminal.

By taking a fiber delivery platform that allows you to use multiple drop types designed for all environments, network providers will experience less headaches by needing fewer SKUs in inventory, utilizing flexible network designs and providing technician training that scales. The plug-and-play approach used in the FieldShield YOURx platform allows for quick and easy design and deployments using skill sets and tools that techs already have!

There’s no need to invest more money and more time to deploy the last mile network. Find relief from your network build stresses! Achieve your network deployment goals in a faster and more cost-effective manner with the FieldShield YOURx platform and all of its drop and deployment configurations. Then sit back, pour yourself some coffee and RELAX. 

By: Scot Bohaychyk