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I recently had a salesperson at my house to provide a quote for a some replacement windows for my home. He worked for a major home improvement store chain and did a nice job working with me to figure out what kind of windows were in my budget and would work best for my application.

After I had signed on the dotted line, I mentioned to him that I needed some advice on replacing a damaged sliding glass door. I had the replacement panel in my garage but wanted to know the “gotcha’s” that are always involved with projects like these. I figured that he would know and could give me some advice. When I asked him, he actually said “Let’s put it in now, I’ll help you.”

Twenty minutes later, we were admiring the newly replaced panel on my sliding door. I had to pinch myself. Someone came to my house, gave me a fair price on a quality product and assisted me with an installation for free. No one does that anymore…

But then I realized that Clearfield does exactly that. We come to our customer’s location and provide an accurate quote on what is needed at a fair price. We also assist the customer with installations (which sometimes requires us to integrate our equipment into someone else’s solution). Service is an often overlooked aspect of selecting a product for your next project. It is quickly becoming a lost art in many industries but it is nice to know there are some companies out there still going above and beyond in their customer service.

By Tom Warren