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My first recollection of an interest in physics was in 10th grade shop class. We were rebuilding a small gas engine and the new piston rings were made by a company called Perfect Circle. The year was 1974, when everything we consumed was made in the USA. I just checked, and much to my surprise, the company is still in business and still the world leader in precision piston rings. My shop teacher told me that a “perfect circle” is impossible to make. That made me think, why?

Plato said: “Nowhere in the universe does a perfect circle exist; only approximations.”  He concluded this based on observations that “finite humans cannot create objects with infinite mathematical features”. One way to look at it is we cannot draw a perfect circle because we don’t have a “size zero” pen. As soon as the pen has any “width,” it can’t draw a “perfect” circle, line or shape. A perfect circle is only a mathematical concept.

In life, there are no perfect circles of friends, family circles or circle of co-workers. Thank God for that — how boring would that be. Every individual in our lives brings unique perspectives, skills and talents. Diversity, differences in personality, what a wonderful gift we’ve been given!

The pursuit of perfection in life is something we should all strive for, albeit impossible. As I get closer to retirement, I’m making my own circle back in my life to my grandparent’s farm where as a kid I rode horses, fished and hunted. I have a house, barn and 230 acres waiting for me. When I return permanently, my circle (far from perfect) will be complete.