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Last week my daughter started a new chapter in her life – like millions of other 18-year old young adults across the country, she graduated from high school.  Like millions of other parents, I smiled broadly with pride, but shed a few tears as well, knowing she will be off on exciting new adventures in which I will play a lesser role. These are all good things and it is a testimony that as parents we have raised our little birdies to spread their wings and fly on their own.

My mother once told me that you never stop worrying about your children – it’s only that their problems will get bigger and you will be able to do less about them.  My daughter will certainly have a problem or two and her journey like the journeys of your sons and daughter will have bumps and curves, but isn’t it exciting that they will have a future in which communication will play such a critical role?

When I left my rural Minnesota hometown and went to college “a few years ago”, long distance phone calls were expensive.  I remember looking forward to my once-a-week, Sunday afternoon call to my parents – my chance to catch up and feel a little less home sick. Today, if she chooses, my daughter and I can stay in close contact with text messages throughout the day and maybe a real live phone call when she gets around to it.

If your children live at home, give them an extra hug tonight because they won’t live with you forever.  If you are blessed with having parents that are still with us, give them a call. “Failure to communicate” is a choice – choose better.