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After blogging about participating on the FTTH Council panel How Fiber Can Reduce the Op/Ex Costs of Running a Telecommunications Network,” I promised that I’d circle back with more information about this important topic.

Today, I’m sharing with you “Four Ways Labor Lite Technology Will Shake Up Gigabit Fiber Deployments (for the Better).”

In a nutshell, gigabit fiber deployments have created a huge spike in demand for bandwidth — brought on by business apps, streaming video, Internet TV, etc. But, as anyone in the industry will tell you, this comes at a high price — as they can be expensive, time consuming and labor intensive.

Clearfield has developed labor lite technologies, which will change the definition of success for gigabit fiber deployments. For the doubters among us, here are four reasons successful gigabit fiber deployments will come to depend on it:

Reason 1: Reduced Costs . Traditional splicing methods used in building an FTTx network are labor intensive, with labor accounting for roughly 70% of capex. When “connectorization” replaces splicing, the need for skilled labor is reduced and the cost to deploy a FTTX network goes down.

Reason 2: Reduced Time to Activation. With labor lite technology, the need for pre-engineering is significantly reduced and installation can be achieved with a single truck roll. Valuable skilled labor can be reserved for the most specialized aspects of the deployment process.

Reason 3: Improved Service Reliability . With a simplified deployment process, there are fewer opportunities for errors, creating a higher level of service. If an issue does arise, repairs can be made quickly with plug-and-play components.

Reason 4: Maximized Subscriber Revenue . The high-density, scalable plug-and-play architecture of labor lite technology enables service providers to quickly add subscriber services by deploying additional ports as needed, using existing equipment, without significant additional capex.

In general, labor lite technology simplifies fiber installations and maintenance, allowing providers to reduce costs, maximize resources and turn up subscribers more quickly.

For the full SlideShare presentation, click here. Or to learn more about how labor lite technology can change your business model for the better, please leave a reply below or email