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My parents are farmers. They actively tilled the soil, planted the seed and harvested the crop. Even after my dad’s stroke and subsequent health issues, together they farmed until the day my father turned 70. For the past five years, they have taken a different role in crop production – that of land owner, renting their cropland to younger farmers who are part of today’s rapid movement to larger machines, larger farms, and higher yields.

My father proudly boasts that for 50 years he made a good living on 240 acres. And he proudly knows that he made the right decision to step aside when he did – not wanting the life of running thousands of acres like many of today’s generation are doing. This month, they are selling the farm-site and moving “into town.” Although they won’t be there to oversee it, they will remain land owners. They are renting out their cropland and are still attached to the soil they have tendered since 1960.

In preparation for the move, we have been clearing buildings and sheds that have accumulated treasures for the last 50+ years. It has been a physical challenge and spiritual joy. During the late 60’s, the barn was “updated.” This weekend, I became the proud owner of two very well preserved windows from that original structure. A few years later, the old farm house came down. As is the way with all frugal farmers, the functional pieces were retained. I remember as a little girl, watching a neighbor tearing out every piece of hardwood flooring from that building to be repurposed. This weekend, I claimed two windows from that old building as well. I’m not sure what I think I’ll find as I gaze through that old glass, but somehow I figure that my memories will be clearer because of it.

At Clearfield, people will sometimes comment that our employees are like family. While we’re close, I think there’s a better analogy – we’re like that of a farm community. We’re not related by blood, but rather by heart. In a few short weeks, a new couple will move onto our family farm-site to start their married life, family and careers. We wish the new owners all the joys of mowing the acres of grass, watching the deer come through the grove and picking the raspberries from my mother’s patch behind the house. Neither my parents, brother, sister, nor I will be there – but our hearts will always be present.

And, like all communities with a solid foundation – be it a multinational corporation or a family farm outside New Ulm, MN – the legacy will continue on into the future.