CraftSmart Fiber Test Access Point (TAP)

The CraftSmart Test Access Point (TAP) Box gives the service provider an accessible exterior access point to test fiber integrity before it enters the customer premise. This solution allows the service provider the ability to identify potential issues in conductivity from outside of the customer premise location.

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Product Details

The CraftSmart TAP Box is a two part closure that will accommodate up to four fibers for test and access purposes. The base of the unit will allow up to four splices from the feeder cable to individual drops into the customer premise. Duplex SC adapters allow for installation of pre-terminated or field terminated fiber to be connectorized for test and access of the fiber - to determine feeder and drop issues.

Two grommeted in/out ports on the bottom of the unit provide easy installation of both feeder and drop cables. The unit is lockable to minimize customer tampering. There are grounding options available inside the TAP Box that will allow grounding of the feeder and drop cables. It also has built in access to exterior grounding built into the unit. Multiple mounting options are available to meet all applications. The TAP box is available with private labeling on the front cover to easily identify service provider’s identification.

Features & Benefits


  • Fiber terminations are designed, tested and certified to Telcordia and RUS compliant
  • Supports industry standard SC singlemode connectors
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspections


  • Overlapping cover seals unit from environmental elements
  • Two rubber grommets provide sealing of feeder and drop cables
  • Lock hole provided for reduced tampering
  • Enclosure made of high-impact UV resistant thermal plastic material - to resist and withstand corrosive environments
  • Designed to meet NEMA 3 criteria
  • Integrated fiber management protects fiber from micro and macro damage
  • Special coupler available for use with FieldShield® Microduct


  • Slide on cover allows for easy access to closure
  • Rubber grommets allow for easy installation of feeder and drop cables
  • Grounding bar inside of unit allows for grounding of feeder and drop cables, as well as built in accessibility to exterior grounding
  • Dual SC adapters (one or two) allows for easy access for testing and troubleshooting
  • Available in SC/APC, SC/UPC, LC/APC or LC/UPC
  • Wall and pole mount applications available
  • Built in splice tray allows for maximum flexibility


  • Available with pre-terminated feeder and drop cables, which minimizes splicing and connectorization field costs
  • Patch and splice (Clearfield’s in-cassette splicing solution) compatible
  • Available all hours of the day, without customer needing to be there to identify potential problems

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Dimensions 7.3” H x 8.57” W x 1.67” D (185.42 mm x 217.68 mm x 42.42 mm)
Connector Availability/ Capacity Empty - no connector
One dual SC/APC or SC/UPC; two dual SC/APC or SC/UPC; quad LC/UPC or LC/APC; two quad LC/UPC or LC/APC
Cable Support and Tie Off Options


TAP-GL-KIT (one clamp per kit) Strength member tie off kit for flat drop and dielectric cable

TAP-ARM-GL-KIT (one clamp per kit) Ground lug bracket for armored cable - no strength member tie off

Splice Capacity Four
Cable Entrance/Exit One on each port (two total). If using FieldShield® Microduct, order one FS-CPLR-10MM-10MM-TAP per exit
Private Labeling

Standard - comes with Clearfield® logo.

Private labeling available (500 piece minimum). Contact Clearfield sales representative for details

Pre-terminated Feeder and Drop Cable Available - please contact your Clearfield sales representative
Mounting Options

Wall Mount: Standard

Vinyl Siding Mount: TAP-VS-KIT

Pole Mount: TAP-PM-KIT