FieldSmart Fiber Crossover Distribution System (FxDS) Standard Frames

Frames are used for mounting equipment in a central office, head end or data center application.

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Product Details

FieldSmart FxDS Standard Frames are available in 7’ (2133.60 mm) or 8’ (2438.40 mm) heights and in 19” or 23” (482.60 mm or 584.20 mm) widths.  Frames are seismic-rated and come with an unequal flange.  When used with FieldSmart FxDS Panels, they provide the highest port density in the industry - up to 1,728 ports in a 7’ (2133.60 mm) frame.

Features & Benefits


  • Designed to comply to Telcordia GR-449; Seismic rated (Zone 4) GR-63-CORE, Issue 4
  • Made from high-strength, low alloy steel that can accommodate up to up to 500 lbs. (226.80 kg)
  • EIA mounting - 1.75” (44.45 mm) and WECO mounting - 1” (25.40 mm)
  • Front and rear of upright tapped for 12-24 screws


  • Frames can be ordered loaded with panels and cable management as a “rack and stack” solution
  • Unequal flange
  • Isolation pads are used to provide electrical isolation for FxDS standard seismic frames
  • Interbay cable management panel optional


  • One frame size accommodates up to 1,728 or 1,152 ports in a PON environment, with full horizontal and vertical slack management support


  • Fully loaded or “grow-as-you-go” integrations allow the user choices to provide for cost containment as subscriber take-rates dictate
  • Frame components are used throughout the network from inside plant to outside plant to access networks

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Dimensions Available in 7’ or 8’ heights (2133.60 mm, 2438.40 mm or 2743.20 mm) and in either 19” or 23” (482.60 mm or 584.20 mm) widths; depth is 10” (254.00 mm) (5” frame + 5” guard box)
Ratings Compliant to Telcordia GR-449
Cable Entry Clamp Location On-frame (Note: Cable clamps included with FxDS Patch Panels)
Material Steel