FieldSmart FiberFlex 600

Clearfield’s FieldSmart FiberFlex 600 is a compact, small form factor design optimized for a variety of powered cabinet deployment scenarios. The cabinet is designed to configure for numerous applications including remote OLTs with PON distribution, wireless base stations with fiber backhaul aggregation and active network equipment with back-up power needs, utilizing a flexible layout.

Whether supporting a less densely populated, rural deployment or an urban environment, pairing the FiberFlex 600 with a FieldSmart PON cabinet delivers the power and fiber connectivity to support the exact network requirements.

The cabinet’s reduced footprint allows for a simplified installation with placement into any application with pad or pole mount options. Designed to meet GR-487 requirements, the rightsized FiberFlex 600 is an ideal outdoor cabinet solution for the harshest environments.

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Product Details

The FiberFlex 600 is an all-in-one design, capable of integrating fiber and active equipment powered by AC Power Supply converter or DC rectification. The FiberFlex 600 equipment bay features a 19-inch vertical equipment rack to provide options for up to 6RU of equipment rack space including 2.5RU for active equipment deployment needs.

The FiberFlex 600 provides up to 72 internal fiber distribution ports for subscriber fiber connectivity. This unique design also offers an optional integrated AC Load Center with generator plug for back-up power (pad mount only).

Features & Benefits

Flexibility (Optional Features)

  • Cooling options include Heat Exchanger and HVAC (future release)
  • AC power system with main breaker, 8-slot load center, and surge protection
  • Optional 30 Amp generator plug for long run time back-up power
  • Both rectifier and DC power converter solutions are sized to meet application and distribution needs
  • Batteries sized to meet power requirements and back-up power time
  • Environmental alarm wiring

Space Utilization

  • Interior rack is 19-inch EIA standard spacing
  • Mounting options – pad mount or pole mount


  • Closed-cell door gasket is attached to cabinet frame compliant with NEMA standards
  • Stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion
  • Grounding provisions: ground straps for doors and master ground bar mounted in cabinet
  • 15 Amp convenience receptacle
  • Two lifting eyes on the cabinet to enable ease of installation
  • GR-487 compliant powder coating of cabinet


  • Fiber-first design for access, storage, routing, and protection of fiber
  • Standard is Clearview Blue Cassette (supports patch-only applications)
  • Cable entry ports with removable plate to facilitate ease of installation when mounted on concrete pad
  • Adjustable door stays from 90-degree to 180-degree openings
  • Front and rear door with security padlock hasp with ¼-turn sealing mechanism

Technical Specifications

Specification Description

Base Cabinet with Battery Base: 40” H x 14” W x 26” D
Base Cabinet without Battery Base: 27” H x 14” W x 26” D


Cabinet with Battery Base: 100 lbs.
Cabinet without Battery Base: 50 lbs.

Mounting Options

Pour-in-Place Pad Template or Pole Mount

024034 - Assy, pour in place template, FF600

AC Power Center Options

AC Power feed: 240 VAC single phase, 50/60Hz, 30 Amp service with UL listed service panel. Optional 30 Amp generator connection.

High power AC surge protection

AC/DC Rectifier Option

Rectifier option configured from 20 Amps to 40 Amps, 600W Power Supply Option

Battery Options 140-00039 - Battery string kit (ENERSYS) 4 x SBS B14 62AH - front access
Battery Capacity

Battery base option designed to accommodate single 60 Amp-hour front terminal batteries with optional secondary battery base solution only in pad mount configuration.


600 Watt Heat Exchanger (HEX), Air-Conditioning with Heat (Future release)

Wired Fiber Capacity

Up to 72 Distribution; Standard cassette is Clearview Blue for patch only

Available Rack Units

6RU available depending on configuration selected; 2.5RU dedicated for active equipment

Safety and Compliance 

Designed to meet GR-487, pending UL508a and UL50