FieldSmart FiberFlex 2000 Cabinet

Clearfield’s FieldSmart FiberFlex 2000 enclosure has been designed from the ground up for maximum flexibility, scalability and space utilization. Optimized for fiber service delivery from 144 to 576 fiber ports utilizing the compact patch only Clearview Black Cassette, the FiberFlex 2000 is a fiber-first design for a variety of powered cabinet deployment scenarios such as the network edge, wireless backhaul and active ethernet networks. The cabinet’s small footprint makes it easy to drop into any application in any location. Designed to comply to GR-487, the FiberFlex 2000 is the ideal outdoor cabinet solution for the harshest outdoor conditions, providing a sealed internal environment where external air and humidity are completely isolated from the electronic equipment.

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Product Details

The FiberFlex 2000 is an environmentally-controlled enclosure constructed of powdercoated aluminum. The FiberFlex 2000’s equipment bay features a 19” vertical equipment rack, accommodating up to 20RU of active electronics equipment. The FiberFlex 2000 provides up to 576 internal fiber distribution ports for subscriber PON deployments, along with complementary splitter capacity. The FiberFlex 2000 accepts local AC power and features an external AC Load Center. A door mounted integrated air-to-air heat exchanger and DC-powered fans cool the equipment inside the cabinet. A separate, vented, under-cabinet compartment houses optional batteries. A second battery compartment can be added for additional backup capabilities.

Features & Benefits


  • External load center – Simplifies and separates AC connection on site
  • Multiple fiber counts – 144 to 576 fiber ports in a single cabinet (Clearview Black Cassette standard)
  • Various mounting options – Pad mount, Pole Mount, Wall/H-Frame Mount
  • Stackable backup battery bays – Add additional battery compartment to double available backup time

Space Utilization

  • Only 54” x 24” x 35” to fit nearly any deployment scenario
  • Optimized internal space utilization for maximum equipment capabilities and fiber port count


  • Designed to comply to GR-487 and NEMA 4 for matchless protection in the harshest environments
  • 750-watt air-to-air Heat Exchanger standard
  • Factory integration and testing of the AC Load Center, Rectifier, Backup Battery Harness and Heat Exchanger


  • Provides front and rear doors for full access to internal equipment
  • External AC Load Center for easy access and optimal interior space utilization
  • Fiber-first design for access storage and routing of fiber cables and accessories, such as splitters and WDMs
  • Door security and hardware features designed to protect equipment from vandalism and theft.
  • Door integrity alarm standard.

Technical Specifications

Specification Description

Base cabinet with Battery Compartment: 54”H x 24”W x 35”D

Base Cabinet with 2nd Battery Compartment Option: 66”H x 24”W x 35”D


Cabinet with Battery Compartment: 250 lbs. Equipped with one 155 Ah battery string: 650 lbs.

Mounting Options

Pre-Cast or Pour-in-Place Pad Template, FUTURE: Wall/H-Frame Mount and Vault/Riser (3rd Party Supplied)

AC Power Center Options

AC Power feed: 240 VAC single phase, 50/60HZ, 125 Amp service with UL listed service panel.

High power AC surge protection (Joslyn)

AC/DC Rectifier Option

Eltek Flatpack S (FPS) 1RU -48vdc Rectifier System No-LVD, Two 20 Amp rectifier modules, autosenses and adjusts for low and high AC input

Smartpack S Controller.

Nominal Input Voltage Range: (185 - 270 VAC): Max. total power output 1000 Watts; Max. total current 40 Amps (2 modules) or 20 Amps (2 modules N+1)

Battery Capacity

Designed to accommodate (2) strings of Northstar NSB 155FT RED batteries. One string support in the standard battery compartment. Dual battery string support using expanded backup option with second battery compartment orders. (Increases capacity to 310Ah total backup).

For all other battery types required, compartment space is as follows: 11.2”H x 5”W x 22”D


1000-Watt cooling capacity with Dantherm door mount heat exchanger

Ambient operating temperature range: -40°C to +46°C (-40°F to +115°F)

Wired Fiber Capacity

Up to 576 SC connector fiber terminations in a Clearview Black Cassette

Up to 12 optional transport fiber terminations

Up to eighteen integrated PON splitters

Fiber Management Options

Up to 576 position fiber distribution in 144 or 288-port increments, SC/APC connector, loose tube or ribbon

Up to eighteen integrated splitters in various ratios available

Configurable transport module for fiber separation of subscriber and active equipment transport

Available Rack Units

20RU in a standard 19” rack

6RU with full 576 fiber distribution LC or SC ports and rectifier option

Safety and Compliance Designed to

Telcordia, GR-487, Generic Requirements for Electronic Equipment Cabinets, UL E-6294