90 Degree Fiber Drop Node Assembly

The 90 Degree Drop Node Assembly provides a 90 degree pathway and fiber optical connection from a distribution node to the optical drop cable in a Cable TV network. It is ideal for space limited environments such as pedestals and below grade fiber node installations.

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Product Details

Clearfield ensures the quality of its 90 Degree Drop Node Assemblies by utilizing factory-terminated connectors, a fully water-blocked entry connector, loose tube, gel-filled cable (on most assemblies) and a GR-326 complaint 900 μm fiber termination process. This provides exceptional performance and stability over a full range of outdoor temperatures and environmental conditions. The end-user gains complete control over drop access and reconfiguration.

Features & Benefits

  • Terminations are designed and tested to Telcordia GR-326
  • 90 Degree Drop Node Assemblies make ease of installation into Optical Distribution Node (ODN)
  • Supports industry standard singlemode fiber
  • Rugged cable design protects against harsh outdoor environments
  • Fibers up-jacketed using materials which can endure temperatures from -40°C to 200°C
  • Cables using loose tube gel-filled OSP cable are sealed to eliminate water penetration
  • Feed Through Fitting (FTF) strain-relief guarantees that movement does not occur at the transition into the ODN
  • Strain-relief matches cable load rating
  • Industry standard terminations include SC or LC (ask a Clearfield representative for other available connectors)
  • Provides maximum cable management inside ODN using 900 μm up-jacket or 2 mm up-jacket
  • The 90 degree water-tight fitting allows for a better fit in close quarters
  • 90 Degree Drop Node Assemblies offer a rugged solution for deploying fiber in any outdoor optical network
  • Environmentally stable, low insertion loss, minimal back reflection
  • All assemblies are 100% tested

Technical Specifications

90 Degree Drop Node Assembly
Core Size and Type Singlemode ITU-T G.652 D
Fiber Count 6 Fiber, 8 Fiber, 12 Fiber
Upjacket O.D. 900 µm Up-jacketed
Cable Types Outdoor (Riser), Outdoor Armored (Non-rated)
Connector Types SC/APC, LC/UPC
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)