Fiber depoyment and management knowledge

A Message from Clearfield Senior Manager for Technical Support

Why train? The answer to that question is found in the costliest part of a fiber deployment — labor. As a technical trainer in the industry many years, I’ve seen it all! Between myself and a very experienced team of Clearfield Application Engineers, our goal is to get to know the needs of our customers, to educate them on Clearfield products and technology and to support them when needed in the field, such as with our “first-time install” guidance.

Here are my top 5 reasons for training:

  1. Training Saves Time

I’ve always said the most expensive piece of a network build is the untrained or poorly trained technician. Spending one or two days in a classroom setting now saves you a great deal of time and money tomorrow.

  1. Training Empowers

Also of benefit is the variety of information found on our website, where you can find product information under the “Clearfield College” tab as well as to request classroom/hands-on training. Under the “Resources” tab, you will find useful, technical information such as installation manuals, instructional videos and smart tips.

  1. Training Adds Value

With our factory-backed quality training, the technician can become familiar with the products before they are faced with them in the field. The benefits of training remain far beyond a one-time, classroom opportunity. Building on a base of product knowledge jumpstarts the technician toward learning day after day while working in the field. A value add!

  1. Training Improves Workforce Satisfaction

Myself a technician many years ago, I remember receiving new, unfamiliar products, getting out the instructions to learn how to work with the product and scratching my head. Sometimes those instructions just didn’t do it. Showing your technicians that you value them enough to take the time/money to invest in their professional education typically results in happy, loyal employees…reducing churn in your organization. Spend the time now to save money and heartache later!

  1. Training Improves First Dispatch Resolution (FDR)

With classroom training, technicians gain knowledge and build skills for installing fiber and Clearfield products with an emphasis on how Clearfield products “keep it simple” with craft-friendly techniques for splicing in the cassettes, managing fiber, working within our terminals and assembling a variety of our drop/connector choices. Getting comfortable with products and gaining confidence to install and work in the network improves performance and customer service by reducing repeated return calls. When a tech needs to return later after a network has been built, they will know what to expect when they arrive at a site for maintenance/repair or MACs. As I like to say, “Knowledge and skill are vital to the health of the organization.”

Clearfield offers a variety of product training curriculums. Our Certified Partnership Training Program (CPTP) offers 3 curriculums, covering ISP, OSP or both combined. As a contractor, once you complete a full product certification (ISP, OSP or both), your company name, contact info and logo will be placed on our website to provide info to our customers when looking for contractors to build their networks. We also customize training curriculums to your needs, offering introductory fiber training as an option as well.

Good news! Clearfield now offers a Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certification course. See more information about it here.

Clearfield Classroom Courses are designed around lectures, demos, hands-on practice, open discussions and question/answer time. Jump on in! Go to the Certified Partnership Training Program page for an overview. To sign up for CPTP or to request additional information on providing curriculum for your product needs, visit our Request Training page.

By Kelly Weissmann

Kelly Weissmann, Sr. Manager—Technical Support, has about 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Kelly came to Clearfield over 5 years ago to oversee and grow the technical training program that we offer to customers.

Kelly provides classroom, hands-on training for our customers on the proper installation methods for all of our products. Kelly’s vast knowledge also allows her to provide a variety of curriculum to cover fiber optic technology, fiber management, the need to inspect and clean connectors when necessary and more.

Kelly’s experience includes working as a universal tech/ splicer in the network, then moving to technical training, where she thoroughly trained all technicians in safe pole climbing/ladder safety and all OSP technicians in construction, maintenance and repair of fiber optic networks, copper networks and premise coax networks.