Clearfield (CLFD), Fiber to Anywhere

The following are just a few of the many copper and fiber cable assemblies built by Clearfield. Remember, if you can dream it. We can build it.

Copper Connectivity

  • Electro mechanical assemblies
  • Power cables
  • Telco assemblies
  • Coaxial assemblies
  • Signal cables
  • Custom D-sub assemblies
  • Discrete wire assemblies
  • Point-to-point continuous run harnesses

Fiber Connectivity

  • Singlemode
  • Multimode
  • Laser-optimized
  • Harsh environment
  • Distribution assemblies
  • Breakout-style assemblies
  • Outside Plant (OSP) assemblies
  • Drop cable assemblies
  • SC/UPC and APC
  • LC/UPC and APC