FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal Overview

Clearfield is reducing the cost of fiber delivery in a multitude of application scenarios with the introduction of three new configurations of the FieldShield SmarTerminal. These above-grade or below-grade solutions provide the quickest and least intrusive placement method to deploy fiber to the network access point (NAP).

FieldShield Product Family

Historically, fiber delivery solutions have remained relatively unchanged. Yet today’s customer is demanding the most cost effective and least intrusive solution possible for delivery of fiber. Clearfield’s FieldShield Pushable Fiber Delivery Platform provides both.

Fiber Terminations

How to extend your network distances and reduce your operating expenditure through fiber terminations.

FTTX - Cellular Backhaul

Understanding cell backhaul solutions as the industry calls for maximum capacity bandwidth and “future proof” networks.

FTTH Design & Build Options

MDU Settings can vary widely. Learn about the options for doing a successful fiber build to each type of MDU complex.

Hub Collapse Cabinets

Providing the MSO with better fiber management in the hub collapse application.