Resources on Fiber Optic Products

Fiber deployments that use Clearfield®’s FieldShield® and YOURx plug-and-play products experience fiber connectivity with fewer prep times and lower overall installation costs. A key component of the YOURx product platform is the FieldShield Field Installable FlexConnector (FIFC), which ensures a water-tight seal in the YOURx-Terminal and the YOURx-TAP.

The Field Installable FlexConnector (FIFC) for 3mm and 4mm FieldShield cables puts the finishing touch on the field installation options for FieldShield drop cable assemblies. Pushable SC or MPO connectors, as well as pullable LC connectors, will easily pass through the Field Installable FlexConnector. The FIFC comes in the following orderable configurations:

Part number and description table

Benefits of Using the FIFC:

  • Tool-less: No specialized tools required
  • Water-tight: Same water-tight seal as the factory terminated FlexConnector
  • Field Installable: Craft-friendly with low prep time
  • Fast and Easy: FIFC can be installed in under 30 seconds
  • No Heat Shrink: vs. other similar industry connectors that require heat shrink to ensure a water tight seal

Application Notes on the Field Installable FlexConnector:

  • In a new FTTH development, a developer chooses to use microduct only from the pedestals to the home, and larger/conventional conduit to provide a pathway between the terminals. Utilizing FieldShield Pushable Fiber in the conduit, and upon reaching the YOURx-TAP, the FIFC can be installed by a field technician with no tools and in a smaller profile than other solutions, while providing the desired water-tight solution.

  • The FIFC, used on 3 and 4mm FieldShield Fiber Drops, allows the drops to be pushed or pulled in either direction; to the customer or to the terminal. This feature is critical to allowing greater deployment flexibility for technicians in the field where a longer drop necessitates a mid-span pull point. Pushing/pulling the drop from the mid-span is now possible to both the terminal and the customer.

  • Lastly, as more providers utilize the YOURx-TAP for their subscriber installations, bare FieldShield Pushable Fiber can now be used on the outside of the residence or business to gain access to the ONT. The FIFC can be installed on the subscriber side of the YOURx-TAP to again provide a watertight seal all along the drop segment of the network.

Providers who choose to utilize the new Field Installable FlexConnector will see a decrease in overall installation and maintenance time. The new field installable option for 3 and 4mm FieldShield Drop Cables provides Clearfield customers a comprehensive multiple drop/same port connectivity solution.