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Designs for Indoor and Outdoor Deployments

The FieldSmart® Fiber Delivery Point (FDP) Wall Box line has been optimized for both indoor and outdoor deployments.

The OSP platform is designed for the harshest environment, supporting NEMA 4 performance requirements, yet allows for conduit entry through field-deployed knock-outs on both the rear and bottom of the unit. The design allows field personnel to maximize speed of deployment without jeopardizing immediate or long-term reliability.

The FieldSmart FDP Wall Box is ideal for both business-class and residential environments. It is ring-cut or mid-span capable, allowing for the distribution cables to be daisy-chained and for fiber hand-off through the riser. Both versions provide a swinging bulkhead for rear-access to the cassettes and protect sub-unit slack storage.

Designed from conception to provide fast, easy fiber jumper routing and ease of access to all circuits, the FieldSmart FDP Wall Box system is craft-friendly, keeping the installer’s needs for quick deployment, intuitive use and ease of maintenance as our top priority.

With the Clearview® Cassette at its heart, the FieldSmart FDP Wall Box gives service providers plug and play integration based upon the configuration requirements of the application. With a choice of up to 48 ports for the outdoor model or up to 144 ports for the indoor model, users can easily scale their networks using the same consistent Clearview Cassette deployment strategy.

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FieldSmart ZoneBox

FieldSmart ZoneBox

Utilizing the Clearview® Blue Cassette, the FieldSmart ZoneBox provides a POLAN sub floor or ceiling mount enclosure that easily scales from 12 to 144 ports. Preloaded for patch only, patch and splice…