Fiber Optic Products

The YOURx-Terminal improves the customer application and craft-experience by providing an access terminal capable of 16 drops, two feeder ports for mid-span and daisy-chaining scenarios. Utilizing a modular, flexible approach that scales to your application environment, the YOURx-Terminal is designed with the same FieldShield FlexPort technology found in the YOURx-TAP to accept any drop cable media desired. With the YOURx Platform of products, running fiber from the terminal to the TAP not only offers a fully protected, restorable FieldShield pathway, but also provides flexibility and drop cable choice to suit the last mile needs of the provider.

Utilizing the technology that couple ducts in a restoration or transitional scenario, the YOURx-Terminal provides up to 16 drops ports along with two feeder ports using the FieldShield FlexPort that provides and air/water tight connection, which reduces overall costs by eliminating the need for expensive proprietary connectors. Ducts are simply brought to the YOURx-Terminal, trimmed to length and pushed into the FlexPort of the YOURx-Terminal completing the protected pathway. Fiber is now pulled or pushed from the customer premise to the “inside” of the YOURx-Terminal, where connector assembly is completed and mated to a removable FieldShield FlexCartridge that has been configured to the customer’s application. Fiber is not exposed as it enters the flower pot, vault or pedestal where the terminal is stored but rather is delivered directly to the terminal reducing risk of accidental damage to fiber. The craft-sensitive nature of properly assembling a hardened connector is eliminated. Re-entering the terminal simply involves removing the cover. The sealed ports entering the terminal are never compromised.

The increased port count to 16 allows for more distributed split options including 4, 8 and 16 way splitters (SC) housed and terminated into the FlexCartridge. Hot-swappability of the FlexCartridge allows for future reconfiguration or restoration of the FlexCartridge without having to replace entire terminal. Plug-and-play scenarios using FieldShield Pushable MPO Connectors allow for single connector connectivity up to 16 ports when configured with an MPO to 16 SC FlexCartridge. YOURx-Terminal is optimized for customer specified daisy-chaining applications utilizing optical components and/or MTP/MPO.

The FieldShield FlexCartridge provides splicing capabilities for restoration scenarios or for that rare occasion where an unplanned terminal must be placed in lieu of a factory terminated/tested terminal.

YOURx-Terminal Configurations

Optical Components

YOURx-Terminal is available with 1x2, (2) 1x2, 1x4, (2) 1x4, 1x8, (2) 1x8 and 1x16 splitters pre-terminated to both the input and output adapter ports. As a result, YOURx-Terminal can be fed from the distribution point with a single SC pushable assembly and distribute up to sixteen SC pushable drops without any additional splicing.

MPO Breakout

The YOURx-Terminal MPO Breakout supports configurations deploying up to sixteen SC pre-connectorized distribution ports terminated to an MPO breakout feeder input port. By simplifying the patch and splice configuration to a plug-and-play solution, deployment is built around a single YOURx-Terminal part number and matching MPO feeder cables built to specific application or standardized lengths.

YOURx-Terminal Mounting Options

Below Grade

The YOURx-Terminal can be placed in a flower pot, pull box, small or large vault and is treated the same way you would treat a splice case. Because ducts are terminated directly into the YOURx-Terminal providing a water-tight, gas-tight seal, along with 100 lbs. of pullout force, the terminal, fully or partially loaded, can be placed directly into the housing of your choice providing the number of ducts and associated slack will fit. As all ducts are terminated into the terminal, it is recommended that duct slack that allows for removal of YOURx-Terminal into sufficient access and working position be applied. Whether that be directly over the access point or pulled into a conditioned environment like a splice trailer, the YOURx-Terminal adjusts to the customer’s craft practices. If a secured placement into this environment is desired (off the bottom of the closure and off of cables/ducts), the mounting options for the above grade pedestal mounted options can be applied. Access to the terminal is no different than a splice case in that the technician will pull the terminal out of the vault/flower pot and access the terminal per company practices. The cover of the terminal is held on with 8 spring clips that can be disengaged with your fingers but provide the necessary compression force to fully seat the cover against the silicon seal on the base of the terminal when all 8 clips are engaged.

Pedestal Mount / Pole Mount

A simple L-bracket with a locking wheel-nut that attaches to the cover of the YOURx-Terminal provides the flexibility to mount the terminal into any pedestal or pole, while providing quick and easy access to the FlexCartridge for adding/removing/troubleshooting service or adding additional ducts.

Strand Mount

The YOURx-Terminal can be strand mounted for aerial applications for plug-and-play applications utilizing a straight F1/F2 hub and spoke approach or for daisy-chaining applications with the use of splitters and MTP/MPO connectivity.

Features & Benefits


  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-487 and 3125
  • Supports FieldShield pushable SC connectors for drop applications
  • Supports pre-terminated FieldShield FLATdrop, FieldShield FLEXdrop, FieldShield StrongFiber or FieldShield Pushable Fiber drop cable assemblies for individual drop applications
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspection


  • Optimized for use with FieldShield Microduct and Pushable Fiber solutions
  • Black UV resistant thermoplastic designed to resist corrosion
  • Environmentally sealed terminal providing maximum reliability and durability in the harshest OSP environments
  • FieldShield FLATdrop connectors provide bend-limiting, strain relief protection and water-tight seal for flat drop, OSP and FieldShield Cable


  • Accepts up to sixteen 10mm distirbution ports (for 10mm FieldShield Microduct or FLATdrop connector)
  • Accepts up to two 14mm feeder ports (for 14mm FieldShield Microduct)
  • Compact sealed design allows placement above or below grade
  • Optical component solutions maximize existing architectures and eliminate fiber exhaust scenarios


  • Flexibility in configuration provides maximum scalability across multiple services classes
  • Compatible with all of FieldShield Drop Cable options, which reduces installation time and labor costs by removing expensive splicing labor from the YOURx-Terminal to customer premise
  • Pre-terminated factory polished feeder and drop cables improve network operability across multiple network access points