The FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal provides up to 8 ports of OSP plug and play connectivity at the network access point. Placement can be above or below grade, utilizing several mounting choices. Optimized for FieldShield Pushable Fiber, the SmarTerminal can be configured with a factory terminated FieldShield Optical Cable, from two to eight fibers, for the feeder configuration that can be pushed or pulled through FieldShield Microduct to a consolidated splice point in the serving area. Distribution ports are sealed with airtight, watertight caps until service turn-up is required. Each of the 8 ports can be configured with a standard SC or Dual LC adapter.

For deployment in a pedestal, flower pot or vault, this above grade or below-grade solution is the quickest, least intrusive placement method to deploy fiber, reducing restoration and troubleshooting costs as a cut fiber does not have to be retrenched. Only the microduct/fiber needs to be located, route path re-engaged with a simple watertight coupler, and connectivity re-established with the installation of a replacement FieldShield Terminated Drop Cable.

For aerial deployment, the FieldShield Aerial/Strand Bracket provides a secure method to mount the FieldShield SmarTerminal on a strand. Backplane design allows for 9 - 10mm FieldShield Microduct to be securely terminated into bracket. The FieldShield Aerial/Strand Bracket comes in a kit form to be assembled onsite, and consists of Aluminum components with black powder coating for additional protection.

Application Scenarios

Patch Only


The FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal provides up to 8 SC or 16 LC pre-connectorized drop ports with a FieldShield Pushable Feeder Cable built to customer specified lengths. The SmarTerminal can be configured with a factory terminated FieldShield Optical Cable, from two to eight fibers or sixteen fibers for Dual LC, for the feeder configuration that can be pushed or pulled through FieldShield Microduct to a consolidated splice point in the serving area. Distribution ports are sealed with airtight, water tight caps until service turn-up is required.


From the splitter in an active cabinet or fiber distribution hub, distribution cables can be transported into a consolidated splice point that serves multiple Multiport SmarTerminals each feeding up to eight homes. The pathway from the splice point to the terminal access point is established with Clearfield’s FieldShield Microduct. Once established, a Patch Only Multiport SmarTerminal is placed in the housing of choice at the terminal access point and the pre-determined length of FieldShield Optical Cable is pushed or pulled back to the consolidated splice point.

Patch and Splice


Similar to the Clearview Cassette, a splice option exists if the user wishes to push or pull from or to the SmarTerminal. The FieldShield SmarTerminal can be configured as Patch and Splice with a one meter 12 or 24 fiber 250um ribbon breakout and accept up to 16 40mm individual splice sleeves.


Whether distribution cables are passing through a serving area, fiber is being handed off via a mid-span and continuing on, or current architecture is being upgraded to push fiber farther into the network with FTTH build outs, the SmarTerminal can accept the “hand-off” of fiber and distribute up to 8 service drops. A route path is either direct buried or aerially established to the subscriber with FieldShield Microduct. Then a pre-terminated FieldShield Pushable Drop Cable, terminated with a pushable connector on one end and industry standard connector on the other, is pushed or pulled from or to the SmarTerminal, mated, and secured with a FieldShield Hardened Pushable Connector.

MPO Breakout


The MPO Breakout Multiport SmarTerminal provides up to 8 SC or 12 LC pre-connectorized distribution ports terminated to an MPO breakout feeder input port. By simplifying the patch and splice configuration to a Plug and Play solution, deployment is built around a single SmarTerminal part number and matching MPO feeder cables built to specific application or standardized lengths.


For service providers looking to remove splicing from small count fiber deployments, the MPO Breakout SmarTerminal provides a Hardened MPO OSP Plug and Play Solution. Once deployed in an industry standard OSP enclosure, a MPO to MPO Patch Cord or MPO to SC or LC Connector Breakout Feeder Assembly is pulled back to the fiber distribution point and plugged into an available network port. FieldShield Microducts are routed from the SmarTerminal to the customer premise and a FieldShield Hardened Pushable Drop Cable is installed once service turn-up is required.

Optical Component - Splitter


The FieldShield SmarTerminal is available with 1 x 2, 1 x 4, 1 x 8, and 1 x 16 splitters pre-terminated to both the input and output adapter ports. As a result, Multiport SmarTerminals can be fed from the distribution point with a single SC or Dual LC Pushable Assembly and distribute up to eight SC or Dual LC Pushable Drops without any additional splicing.


When fiber is already deployed at the network access point, the SmarTerminal can be configured as Patch and Splice with an un-terminated input leg. Simply splice the incoming fiber to the input leg of the splitter to provide service to up to eight customers.

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Dimensions 4.74” H x 6.06” Diameter
Material Black Thermoplastic
Mounting Methods Snap-on Toggle Head; Universal L-Bracket; Universal Z-Bracket
Mounting Options Below Grade: Flower Pot or VaultAbove Grade: cabinet, pedestal, pole mount or aerial/strand mount
Internal Slack Storage Up to 1 meter inside SmarTerminal
External Slack Storage Virtually unlimited - depends on vault size or mounting application
Feeder Ports 1 port in the middle of SmarTerminal - pre-stubbed with pigtail
Distribution Ports SC: 2, 4, 6 or 8 ports; LC: 4, 8, 12 or 16 ports

Features & Benefits


  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-3120
  • Supports FieldShield Pushable SC and dual LC connectors
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspect


  • Optimized for use with FieldShield Microduct and Pushable Fiber
  • Black UV resistant thermoplastic designed to resist corrosion
  • Environmentally sealed terminal providing maximum reliability and durability in the harshest OSP environments
  • Hardened Pushable Connectors provide bend-limiting, strain relief protection for FieldShield Pushable Drop Cables and Feeder Assemblies


  • Accepts up to 8 SC or 16 LC distribution ports
  • Compact sealed design allows placement above or below grade
  • Patch and splice configurations accept most flat drop and OSP cable types
  • Optical Component solutions maximize existing architectures and eliminate fiber exhaust scenarios


  • Flexibility in configuration provides maximum scalability across multiple services classes
  • Field-assembled FieldShield Pushable Drop Cables reduce installation time and labor costs by removing expensive splicing labor from the SmarTerminal to customer premise
  • Pre-terminated factory polished feeder and drop cables improve network operability across multiple network access points