Fiber Optic Products

The FieldSmart SCD Case allows you to standardize drop cable deployment methodologies with a single enclosure system. The identical enclosure is shipped with associated mounting hardware to be placed on a strand, on a pole, on an above-grade pedestal (fixed or tilted) or in a below grade level vault environment.

The FieldSmart SCD Case extends its flexibility by supporting the feeder or distribution drop option of your choice, including drop cable, industry standard flat drop or round OSP cable using industry standard or HFOC connectors. The system also supports direct splicing to the feeder or to the outbound legs of splitters in distributed split architecture.

Lower Labor Costs and Other Craft-Friendly Features

The FieldSmart SCD Case is a three-part system, comprised of a base, a cable management bulkhead and a dome. This modular design allows for removal of the cable management bulkhead for cable prep, termination or splicing in a conditioned environment, such as a splice trailer. The bulkhead provides an integrated splice tray or enables a quick deployment of managed fiber with its snap-on xPAK capability. It can be used in conjunction with a CraftSmart® vault or pedestal. Dual round entry/exit ports allow for direct landing of feeder cable and/or midspan techniques. Available in a 6” (16-port) configuration, the modular approach of the SCD Case reduces the headaches of field installation.

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
O.D. (Cover and base) Dimensions 6.8” (174.75 mm) Diameter
Cover Length 16.63” (422.40 mm) Diameter
Cable Entrance/Exit Ports 17 plus 1 figure-8 & 1 branch port
xPAK Capacity 2
Splitter Capacity 2 - 1 x 8
Splice CapacityInterconnect or pre-terminated

12 - SC

24 - LC

Mid-Span Splice Capacity 16
Recommended Mid-SpanMaximum Fiber Capacity 96 count fiber
Maximum RecommendedSlack Storage Capacity 6 feet - 96 count fiber
Mounting Options

Aerial (Strand) - SCD-STRD

Aerial (Pole) - bracket (included with case)

Above Grade Pedestal (Stationary) - bracket (included with 1022 pedestal)

Above Grade Pedestal (Tilt) - 014304

Below Grade (Vault) - VA-STUB - Universal mounting bracket (included in vault)

Features & Benefits


  • RUS listed (enclosures)
  • Terminations are designed and tested to Telcordia GR-326
  • Clearfield® FiberDeep® Guarantee: 0.2 dB insertion loss or less, exceeding industry standards
  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-771 and GR-1221/1209
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspect
  • Supports FieldShield Pushable SC and dual LC singlemode connectors


  • Air-tight, water-tight and re-enterable enclosure
  • Neoprene sealing grommets and O-rings effectively seal housing and cables
  • Enclosure made of high impact, UV resistant thermoplastic material resists corrosive environments
  • Lockable sealing clamp - order SCD-Lock separately
  • Buried, aerial and pedestal mount applications
  • Integrated fiber management protects fibers from micro and macro bend damage


  • Lockable clamp allows for easy access to closure
  • Clearfield’s pre-terminated xPAK integration allows for quick fiber distribution and deployment
  • Removable, modular bulkhead allows for cable prep, termination, and splicing away from access point in conditioned environment
  • Removable sealed plugs and grommet kit allow for rapid deployment and sealing of feeder and distribution drops without special tools or equipment
  • Intuitive mounting hardware allows for easy removal from access mount locations
  • Built in splice tray on bulkhead allows for mid-span splicing
  • Pole/wall/vault bracket included with each unit. Pedestal bracket included with 1022 pedestal


  • Pre-configured/pre-loaded factory terminated assemblies
  • Patch and splice compatible
  • Small fiber count - “grow-as-you-go"
  • Pre-loaded feeder to Clearview® xPAK assemblies for consolidated splice point serving area techniques