YOURx-TAP Fiber Home Deployment Kit

A YOURx-TAP Home Deployment Kit (HDK) extends Clearfield’s field-proven fiber management expertise and leading-edge fiber connectivity performance all the way into the home. With the YOURx-TAP, the Home Deployment Kit packages the required patch cords, fiber jack (Clearfield’s CraftSmart Fiber Outlet) and necessary adapter installation accessories in a single box. Truck rolls are minimized and customer turn-up is rapid.

Choose the YOURx-TAP HDK for environments where plug-and- play along with internal slack storage is desired within the unit mounted outside the home.

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Product Details


The YOURx-TAP provides a secure demarcation point between the service provider network and SFU. YOURx-TAP gives the network service provider both the ability to store slack fiber as well as provide a test access point (TAP) for ease of deployment and network maintenance without needing to have access to the interior of the customer premise. FLEXdrop Deploy Reel mounts easily on the supplied pin, allowing 50, 75 or 100 feet of preconnectorized FLEXdrop to be deployed into the premise. With the ability to accept a variety of drop cables, YOURx-TAP can be wall or pole mounted, and can be integrated into any network architecture and deployment.

CraftSmart Fiber OutletImage of the CraftSmart Fiber Outlet

The CraftSmart Fiber Outlet can accommodate 4 entrance points for 3mm cable and up to 4 SC adapter ports. The splice tray is hinged and easily removable for non-splicing applications. This small indoor enclosure provides both bend limiting protection and a secure termination point to connect the entrance fiber to the included equipment jumper.

CraftSmart FLEXdropFlexdrop cable

FieldShield FLEXdrop cable has an OSP-rated PVDF jacketing that allows for transition of FLEXdrop from the OSP environment directly into the inside plant, with the added benefit of being UL listed for plenum applications. FLEXdrop can be used as a building wrap at turn-up, maximizing installation efficiency.

Features & Benefits



  • Supports industry standard SC adapters
  • Includes entrance plates with multi-purpose strain reliefs
  • UV Stable ABS
  • Snap and screw latching system
  • Accepts 10mm microduct, 3mm cable and standard flat drop 
  • Rear exit for direct entrance to premise
  • Access available without customer needing to be there to identify potential problems

CraftSmart Fiber Outlet


  • Supports industry standard SC adapters


  • Snap-on cover for dust free protection


  • Easy installation
  • Accommodates 4 adapter ports
  • Four cable entrance points


  • Cables can be connected without splicing
  • Hinged and detachable splice tray

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 7.8” H x 6.25” W x 2.81” D (198.12 mm x 158.75 mm x 71.37 mm)
Color GrayWhite
Rating NEMA 4 
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, UV Stabilized (ABSUV)
Adapter Style Receptacle SC/APC and SC/UPC
Port Count 1
Bulkhead Two multi-purpose strain reliefs
Mounting Options Wall or Pole Mount. Base provides three knockout holes

CraftSmart Fiber Outlet
Dimensions 3.9 x 3.2 x 1.25 inches (100 x 80 x 32 mm)
Color White
Operating Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Material ABS
Adapter Style Receptacle SC and LC 
Adapter Slots 4 Slots
Accessories Removable Storage Tray