Designed to simplify FTTH installations, the FieldShield Hardened Pushable Connector Y-Adapter provides the components to split a FieldShield Dual LC drop cable into two simplex LC drop cables, while extending the service access point to the customer lot line. Deployable in two stages, the Bulkhead Adapter Kit provides a LC adapter in a small re-enterable bulkhead, which can be direct buried or deployed in an OSP access enclosure of choice. When customer service is required, the Service Turn-Up Kit accepts up to two LC drop cables which can be depoyed independently.

Features & Benefits


  • Optimized for use with FieldShield Microduct and Pushable Fiber
  • Accepts FieldShield Pushable LC and Dual LC Connectors
  • FieldShield Assemblies are pre-terminated and 100% pre-tested for I.L./R.L.


  • Black UV resistant thermoplastic design to resist corrosion
  • Environmentally sealed housing providing maximum reliability and durability in the harshest OSP environments
  • Hardened Pushable Connectors provide bend-limiting, strain relief protection for FieldShield Pushable Drop Cable and Feeder Assemblies


  • Compact Hardened sealed design allows placement above or below grade
  • Hardened Dual Cable Connector can also be used to distribute two separate drops directly from a single port on the FieldShield SmarTerminal


  • FieldShield Pushable Feed and Drop Cables reduce installation time and labor costs by removing expensive splicing labor
  • Reduces initial installation costs by bringing two fibers to the lot line, while giving you the option of only turning up one customer at a time from the Y-Adapter