The FieldShield Hardened Pushable Connector is a field-installed, tool-less housing that slips over the FieldShield Optical Connector on a FieldShield assembly to provide a water- tight seal when mated to each port of the FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal. The inner housing and two-grommet system provide the weather tight seal and lock the connection into the SmarTerminal with a bayonet push-and-twist locking mechanism. The outer collar seals and locks the FieldShield cable providing the pull strength required for any outside plant environment. When handling the SmarTerminal the FieldShield ruggedized housing at the end of the collar, protects the reliability of existing services by providing bend-limiting strain relief.


After being pushed or pulled through the FieldShield Microduct, the unassembled FieldShield Pushable Connector is pushed through the hardened pushable connector housings. The outer housing of the pushable connector is assembled by the technician in the field, creating an industry standard connector without mechanical or fusion splicing. It is then plugged into the FieldShield SmarTerminal or Hardened Pushable Connector Bulkhead Adapter.

Technical Specifications

Connector Type Ferrule Material Polish Type Ins. Loss Typical Max. Ins. Loss Min. Ret. Loss
SC Ceramic UPC 0.15 dB 0.20 dB 55.00 dB
LC Ceramic UPC 0.15 dB 0.20 dB 55.00 dB
SC Ceramic APC 0.18 dB 0.20 dB 65.00 dB
LC Ceramic APC 0.18 dB 0.20 dB 65.00 dB

Features & Benefits


  • Optimized for use with Pushable Fiber and FieldShield Microduct
  • Accepts FieldShield SC, LC and dual LC connectors
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspect


  • Black UV resistant thermoplastic design to resist corrosion
  • Hardened Pushable Connectors provide bend-limiting, strain relief protection for FieldShield pushable drop cables and feeder assemblies
  • Environmentally sealed housing providing maximum reliability and durability in the harshest OSP environments


  • Compact hardened sealed design allows placement above or below grade
  • Quarter-turn bayonet-style locking mechanism for quick field installation
  • Red colored O-rings for quick visual inspection


  • FieldShield pushable feed and drop cables reduce installation time and labor costs by removing expensive splicing labor