FieldShield FLATdrop is the first connector to provide hardened environmental performance on a flat drop style cable without the added cost or dependency in the market’s existing bulky solution. Plugged directly into the FieldShield YOURx-Terminal, this low cost offering provides matching hardened connector performance, yet carries a significant up-front reduction in cap/ex costs when compared to existing market offerings.

Technical Specifications

FieldShield FLATdrop - SC and LC 
Length Up to 300 foot coil (-0/+5%)
Core Size and Type Singlemode
Inner Cable Jacket O.D. 3.0mm Ruggedized
Cable Types Flat Drop Cable (Dielectric/Toneable)
Connector Types SC, LC
Breakout Length 12 inches
Operating Temperature -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Color Black
Markings Part number, lot number, footage markers every two feet

FieldShield MPO Pushable Connectors
Connector Type MPO
Ferrule Material Thermoplastic
Polish Type APC
Insertion Loss 0.25 dB
Maximum Insertion Loss  0.35 dB
Minimum Return Loss 55.00 dB

Features & Benefits


  • Available in singlemode
  • Supports all industry standard flat drop cable


  • Hardened FlexConnector provides an air-tight, water-tight connection


  • Flat drop cable construction allows for installation in direct buried applications
  • Pre-terminated with an SC, LC or MPO connector with pigtail end for customer choice application
  • Toneable cables allow for traceability


  • Leveraging the low cost of a traditional optical flat drop cable with option for pre-connectorized ends
  • Quick and easy deployment allows capital investment to be aligned to customer take-rates