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A fiber jumper, or fiber patch cord, is a length of fiber cabling fitted with connectors at each end. Fiber jumpers are used to connect end devices or network hardware and offer an economical, effective way to deploy a fiber optics network. The fiber termination process used to manufacture our SC/UPC and SC/APC 900u fiber jumper assemblies has been certified compliant to the Telcordia, GR-326-Core requirements. Clearfield can design and manufacture fiber optics cable assemblies for almost any application, meeting your requirements for cost, performance, reliability and rapid delivery

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Green Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers

Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers

Indoor Bend-Insensitive Fiber Jumper Cables are used in a variety of carrier networks and private network environments.  The key to manufacturing high-performance fiber assemblies is controlling…

Blue Indoor Fiber Jumper Cables

Indoor Fiber Jumper Cables

Clearfield® offers singlemode and multimode, simplex and duplex Indoor Fiber Jumper Cables manufactured to tight internal specifications that exceed industry-accepted standards.  Fiber jumper…

Blue Ruggedized Fiber Jumper

Ruggedized Fiber Jumpers

Clearfield® Outdoor Ruggedized Fiber Jumper Cables can be ordered in any industry standard connector type.  Any length in feet or meters is available.    Clearfield recommends the use of Ruggedized…

Indoor Traceable Fiber Jumper Cables

Indoor Traceable Fiber Jumper Cables

The traceability of the jumper gives a value-add functionality for simple fiber patch cord jumpers. Having the ability to trace the other end of the assembly with an easy to find highly visible red…