Six slide out drawers providing either 24 loose tube heat shrink fusion (HSF) splices or 72 ribbon splices per drawer. OSP and IFC cables enter through the back of the module into a dynamic slack take-up device and route to splicing area of the drawer. On panel clamping kits come standard with the splice-deck. On-frame clamp kits are also available.

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Dimensions 6” H x 20.27” W x 13.88” D (152.40 mm x 514.86 mm x 352.55 mm)
Ratings Compliant to Telcordia GR-449
Cable Types Indoor Riser, Indoor Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor (Riser/Non-Rated), Outdoor Armored (Riser/ Non-Rated), FieldShield®
Splice Capacity 144 loose tube or 432 mass fusion ribbon splices
Storage Capacity One meter of 900 μm fiber and five meters of exposed buffer tube
Material 16 gauge cold rolled steel with almond powder coating

Features & Benefits


  • RUS listed
  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-449
  • Industry standard splice tray
  • Alternative “low-profile” trays may be substituted for familiarity to splicing technicians


  • Patented slack take-up system dynamic ensures that pinch point and slack is adequately stored when drawers are opened and closed
  • Full bend-radius protection throughout panel
  • Front and rear covers for physical fiber protection


  • Slide out drawers provide direct access to route-paths, slack and splice trays
  • Rear entry and tie-points to secure incoming cables


  • Supports both loose tube and ribbon constructions
  • Segregation using drawer based solution provides ability to add and splice fiber without increased risk to fiber located in other drawers
  • Low 6" (152.40 mm) vertical profile allows 432 on-frame splicing to be achieved using FieldSmart FxDS
  • Ability to hold 144-loose tube splices or 432 mass fusion ribbon splices in a 6“ (152.40 mm) footprint
  • Available for 23” (584.20 mm) frames