Fiber Optic Products

The FieldSmart FxDS Panel is a high density, low maintenance fiber distribution panel for use in a 19” or 23” (482.60 mm or 584.20 mm)frame. Utilizing the Clearview® Cassette, FieldSmart FxDS Panels are intelligently designed to provide the user with superior fiber access and craft-friendly, radius protected, fiber management for routing and deploying fiber jumpers. The optional metal chassis allows panels to be deployed on an industry standard frame or for the ultimate in cost efficiencies, it can be ordered with only the bulkhead.

Stand Alone Panel in a 19” or 23” (482.60 mm or 584.20 mm) Frame

When you already have the frame and want to add just a panel or two of incremental fiber management, the FxDS is configured with front and rear protection blocks for complete slack storage and physical fiber protection.

Stand Alone Panel in a Data Cabinet

When you already have a data cabinet and simply need to add fiber management, the FxDS is configured without the front protection block, providing all the fiber protection you need without the added cost.

Stand Alone Panel in an OSP Cabinet

Make the crossover into the OSP with the identical product. Patch only environments are supported without additional components, while a rear protection block enables patch and splice (Clearfield’s in-cassette splicing solution) configurations. The common architecture saves you time and money in reducing inventory costs and shorter training period.

Technical Specifications

Port Density 24 72 96 144 288
Dimensions 1.75” H (44.45 mm) 3.5” H (88.90 mm) 4” H (101.60 mm) 6” H (152.40 mm) 11” H (279.40 mm)
Ratings Compliant to Telcordia GR-63, GR-449, GR-20 and GR-409
Cassette Types Supported Clearview® Blue 
Cable Types Indoor Riser, Indoor Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor (Riser/Non-Rated), Outdoor Armored (Riser/ Non-Rated), FieldShield®
Splice Capacity 12 splices in each Clearview Cassette
Storage Capacity One meter of 250 μm fiber
Front Protection 4.75” (120.65 mm)radius fingers
Material Steel and aluminum with almond powder coating

Features & Benefits


  • RUS listed
  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-63, GR-449, GR-20 and GR-409
  • Optical component configurations use Telcordia GR 1221/1209 compliant devices
  • Terminations are designed and tested to Telcordia GR-326
  • Supports all industry standard singlemode and multimode connectors


  • Front cover is easily removable with no tools needed
  • Individual radius fingers provide organized and intuitively managed fiber jumpers and minimize pile-up
  • The Clearview Cassette houses critical circuits by 12-fiber sub-units or buffer tubes
  • Ruggedized cable clamp protects against twisting and pistoning at the assembly breakout point
  • Pre-terminated OSP buffer tubes are protected by bend-limited tubing and have their slack stored inside panel to protect against environmental and human damage


  • Front access to pre-terminated assemblies with removable adapter plates for testing, cleaning and maintenance
  • The entire 12-fiber Clearview Cassette is removable for hot-swap changes
  • Front and rear access to panel
  • On-frame or off-frame splicing configurations support cable constructions up to 144-fiber


  • Using the Clearview Cassette, all fibers deployed in increments of 12, allowing users to scale from 12 ports to full configuration without additional equipment