Fiber Optic Products

Engineered to land small port count fiber assemblies and optical components as conveniently and inexpensively as possible, the xPAK simplifies fiber management to the level of a consumable good.

At first glance, Clearview xPAK looks like any other LGX compatible package, but upon closer inspection, technicians will see a new generation of innovation in the delivery of terminated fiber assemblies. Clearview xPAK is single-piece element in which all required components for fiber protection are integrated. It is shipped flat and simply folds to shape.

The Clearview xPAK supports two, four or six ports of patch and splice configurations. The compact 4” x 5” solution is perfect for landing small count terminations at the fiber delivery point. The kit comes with everything you’ll need: flat cassette, adapters, 1, 2, 4 or 6-fiber 900 μm ½ meter assembly, splice sleeves, strain relief boot, grommet tape, zip ties and universal mounting bracket.

Shipped Flat for Service Provider Ease of Deployment

Priced to allow field personnel to carry quantities of Clearview xPAK Cassettes in the field, xPAK is shipped flat and unassembled. At the deployment site, the technician will take the xPAK device, and following pictorial user instructions, will assemble the device to match his field requirements. Integrated into the footprint of the device, is an industry-compatible splicing tray, which is then surrounded with fiber protection elements that support either a two, four or six port fiber assembly as well as a range of optical component devices.

Clearview xPAK is the ideal fiber management device when up to six fibers are landed or an optical component device is deployed in a remote location. Application environments include cell backhaul, business class service delivery, node segmentation, fiber exhaust in a field pedestal, sub-station turn-up or fiber-to-the-desk deployment.

Enclosure Options

Clearview xPAK can be deployed as a stand-alone device, or for an additional layer of protection look for a series of new announcements from Clearfield on FieldSmart Fiber Deliver Point (FDP) products designed by Clearfield for a wide range of access-network environments.

Technical Specifications


Width: 4"
Length: 5.38"
Depth: 1.14"

Features & Benefits


  • Terminations are designed and tested to Telcordia GR-326
  • Clearfield® FiberDeep® Guarantee: 0.2 dB insertion loss or less, exceeding industry standards
  • Supports industry standard SC, LC, ST and FC singlemode and multimode connectors
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspect


  • Radius protected storage for up to ½ meter of 900 μm jacketed fibers
  • Durable polypropylene construction (impact plastic)
  • Integrated fiber management protects fiber from micro-bend and macro-bend damage


  • Small design facilitates ease of use in crowded environments
  • Easy assembly - no tools required
  • Front: 6 SC ports; Rear: 1 SC port and 1 MPO
  • 9 SC port faceplate available


  • Pre-configured/pre-loaded factory terminated assemblies
  • Patch and splice
  • LGX compatible flange mount
  • Wall mount capable
  • One piece construction with “living hinge”
  • Supports optional component integration
  • Plug and play with MPO configurations