Fiber Optic Products

Delivering the most scalable fiber management platform in the industry, Clearfield ensures your investment in capital equipment grows alongside your take rates. With Clearfield, speed of deployment is maximized, required inventories are reduced and technical training is virtually eliminated.

The key to this promise: Clearview® Blue, Clearview Black and the Clearview xPAK — the central building blocks of every element of the FieldSmart® product portfolio. Designed to handle the toughest operating environments, Clearview provides flexibility, as well as reliable performance within the inside plant, outside plant and access networks. All types of fiber cable construction can be integrated within these fiber cassettes to support all patch only, patch and splice, passive optical component hardware and plug-and-play scenarios.

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Fiber Cassettes, Clearview Blue

Clearview Blue

Clearview Blue Cassettes are a core building block of every product within the FieldSmart® fiber management system. Fiber cassettes from Clearfield, such as Clearview Blue, incorporate the same…

Fiber Cassettes, Clearview Black

Clearview Black

Clearview Black incorporates the same flexibility and scalability of both the Clearview Classic and Clearview Blue in a 50% smaller footprint than the Clearview Blue. Fiber cassettes from Clearfield…

Clearview xPAK

Clearview xPAK

At first glance, Clearview xPAK looks like any other LGX compatible package, but upon closer inspection, technicians will see a new generation of innovation in the delivery of terminated fiber…