Fiber Optic Products

Troughs are an integral part of the FieldSmart fiber management platform. When used properly, troughs provide a protected route path when running jumpers between equipment.

Clearfield has three types of troughs depending on the application. Slack Management Troughs contain radius spools that add additional incremental slack take-up to the fiber management system. Crossover Troughs are used when radius spools are not required. They are simply used to cross from one side of the frame to another or to reach another frame. Active Gear Troughs are equipped with 9 radius fingers (19”/482.60 mm) and 11 radius fingers (23”/584.20 mm) on the open bottom. It is designed to be placed directly above or below an active gear chassis to manage slack and access of active gear cards and associated fiber ports.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 3” (76.20 mm) and 5” (127.00 mm) heights
  • Available in 19” (482.60 mm) and 23” (584.20 mm) mounting
  • Slack Management and Active Gear Troughs are equipped with four radius spools for incremental slack take up
  • Cable Management and Crossover Troughs standard with front door for additional protection and improved appearance
  • All troughs are 5” (127.00 mm) deep