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CATV Hub Collapse Fiber Product Deployment

Traditionally in Headend buildings, a fiber frame would accommodate fiber termination panels, slack management equipment and optical components. However, with electronics manufactures miniaturizing electronics network engineers are attempting to collapse cable television hub architecture, move fiber closer to the consumer, and effectively increase speeds of the network.

Cable operators deploying these new electronics have been thrilled with the cost-effective means to extend their existing infrastructure, but have been challenged by the inconvenience of housing the electronics and passive connectivity within the same enclosure.

As a result, Clearfield listened and developed the FieldSmart® Hub Collapse Cabinet (HCC) for the cable operator looking to separate their passive infrastructure from the electronics without the need for a traditional, and expensive, standard hub architecture. The HCC provides a centralized location within a service provider’s network that houses both fiber terminations and optical components, eliminating the need for a physical “hub” location, thereby saving land, maintenance and permitting expenses. Due to its small footprint, real estate costs can be minimized with a multiple variety of mounting options, while ensuring that fiber management is centralized and protected from environmental concerns.

Service providers can realize increased revenue by collapsing multiple locations into one centralized service point.

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