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By Jim Pilgrim

Ah – April 15th (well April18th this year) is here again. Don’t get me wrong I’m OK with paying my fair-share of taxes. The problem is the government has made it so complicated that no one even knows what that is anymore. Fair-share…ha

There are now more than 55,000 pages in Tax Rules. I am a reasonably intelligent guy but because I own a farm I have to pay a CPA $250 every year to figure out my taxes. There are about 1.2 million tax preparers in the US including accountants and lawyers. A lot of very smart people – not one of them adding to the “good” production in this country. There are now more than 500 tax forms to choose from. Are you kidding me? Our Income Tax system is out of control. I can’t say that I enjoy paying sales tax, but at least I don’t need to have an accountant with me at the NAPA Auto Parts store to help me figure it out.

Simplify it and flatten it. Eliminate all the special interest loop-holes that the wealthy can hire a lawyer or accountant to help them take advantage of.

The Beatles said it best:

“If you drive a car- I’ll tax the street”

“If you try to sit-I’ll tax your seat”

“If you get too cold-I’ll tax the heat”

“If you take a walk-I’ll tax your feet”

“Yeah, I’m the Taxman”