Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

For an individual like me, traveling allows me to meet a variety of different people in different occupations. One of those occupations that have always fascinated me has been the bartender. Now, I’m not talking about someone that simply makes drinks, but the one that has truly mastered the art of tending a bar.

I was recently talking to my friend Shaun, who is one of those masters behind the bar (he actually wrote a book on it). He was explaining the true art to bartending vs. pouring drinks is the ability to not only provide a service, but to listen to what any number of customers are asking for, providing the correct drink in a timely manner and then having the intuition to either get another drink or the tab. People come into bars for any number of reasons, but to steal a line from Shaun’s book, “whether it be a businessman in his finely tailored suit, or the guy that just left the construction site, more often than not, the bartender is the first person they see at the end of the day. Whether they come in to discuss politics, the job, relationships or family, the good bartender can adjust his or her personality fit. The great bartender does it without even thinking.”

It’s very much the same with the people at Clearfield. We can provide a product in a timely manner and at a price that can be competitive. That can be done by most companies but what sets us apart is the ability to develop a true relationship with those customers where we can listen to their needs, adapt or develop answers for those needs and then collaborate with the customer to make sure the initial need has been met.

Clearfield is the bartender of the fiber management world….

If you are willing to stop in and have a seat (virtually or physically), you will soon find that one of our professionals will talk with you, find out what challenges you are having and then provide some solutions. If we can’t find one immediately, you can rest assured that we will, in collaboration with you and the “Smart Guys” and work through the problem until a solution can be found.

So, pull up a stool, grab some popcorn or chips, and strike up a conversation with your Clearfield bartender today. I promise you will leave a happier person and you might just solve a problem or two. Oh, and when we are done, we can get a drink to celebrate! — I prefer gin.


By Scot Bohaychyk