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Get In Early

By Jim Pilgrim You would think with as much as I travel this would happen more often. I guess I have been lucky. Traveling up from Colorado to North Dakota today I almost got caught. I usually don’t…

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Common Ground

By Jim Pilgrim My oldest daughter works the second shift (1:30-9:30) in Manufacturing at Clearfield. (We fire up a second shift when we get busy, and we are definitely busy.) She is a college student…

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Old School

By Jim Pilgrim I just bought a 1970 Jeep Commando. My latest project, I love working on the old stuff. Simple, mechanical, and no on-board computers. It has a Buick 225 ci V6 motor and a 3 speed…

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Fresh Cut Alfalfa

By Jim Pilgrim I’m a country boy at heart. Grew up on a farm where I baled more than my share of hay. So when I’m driving across the country and catch a whiff of an alfalfa field that has just been…

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By Jim Pilgrim If you have read any of my blogs in the past you know that I travel all over the country. You also know that I drive most of the time given that my meetings are usually spread out and…

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The Human Element

By Jim Pilgrim Have you seen the Dow Corporation commercial? It talks about the Human Element of their company. The commercial portrays the human affects that this Science and Technology company has…