CraftSmart Fiber Protection Boxes (FPB)

The CraftSmart Fiber Protection Boxes (FPB) provide a place for below grade cable slack storage and access in greenbelt and light pedestrian traffic applications.

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Product Details

The CraftSmart Fiber Protection Boxes are part of a full line of above and below grade field enclosures. They provide full optimization of a fiber deployment when used alongside a Clearfield® FieldSmart® platform of inside plant panels, outside plant cabinets and wall boxes.

Boxes are designed to meet a broad range of fiber, coax and copper needs of the broadband, telecommunications and utilities industries. The FPBs provide a place for below grade cable slack storage and are a good fit for access in greenbelt areas, places that are undeveloped, wild or agricultural areas and similar locations where there is light pedestrian traffic, such as a sidewalk.

The CraftSmart Fiber Protection Box is available in five different sizes. Functioning as a stand-alone, the FPB provides below grade slack storage for fiber or other media. The body is formed with a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Thermoplastic and a solid Thermoplastic lid that ensures strength and stability of the product.

Features & Benefits


  • High-quality HDPE designed body distributes load evenly across sidewalls
  • Solid Thermoplastic lid ensures strength and stability


  • Universal bolt security system
  • All boxes incorporate a unique “T” style overlapping cover design to reduce soil mitigation into box


  • Single piece solid thermoplastic cover provides ease of access into boxes
  • All the plastic lids on these boxes are rated at light duty or greenbelt as listed with the SCTE77 specification: 5,000 lbs


  • High strength rigid construction ensures long term reliability in the harshest environments
  • Lighter and easier to handle than concrete, which increases the overall safety factor

Technical Specifications

Part Number A B C
FPB609 7 3/8" (187.33 mm) 9” (228.60 mm) 10” (254.10 mm)
FPB910 9 7/8” (250.83 mm) 9” (228.60 mm) 12 1/2” (317.50 mm)
FPB1019 10 1/8” (257.18 mm) 18” (457.20 mm) 12 13/16” (325.44 mm)
Part Number A B C D E
FPB1014 10” (254.50 mm) 14” (355.60 mm) 12” (304.80 mm) 19” (482.60 mm) 23 1/2” (596.90 mm)
FPB1220 12” (304.80 mm) 20” (508.00 mm) 15 3/4” (400.05 mm) 24” (609.60 mm) 30” (762.00 mm)
Part Number Application
FPB609 Slack cable storage
FPB910 Slack cable storage
FPB1019 Slack cable storage
FPB1014 YOURx-Terminal
FPB1220 YOURx-Terminal