The YOURx-TAP provides a secure demarcation point between the service provider network and multiple customer environments – SFU, MDU or business. YOURx-TAP gives the network service provider both the ability to store slack fiber as well as provide a test access point (TAP) for ease of deployment and network maintenance without needing to have access to the interior of the customer premise. With the ability to accept a variety of drop cables, YOURx-TAP can be wall or pole mounted, and can be integrated into any network architecture and deployment.

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Product Details

Slack storage of excess fiber has always been an issue within network design and deployment. The YOURx-TAP, with the smallest demarcation footprint in the industry, provides the ability to store up to 600 feet (182.88 m) of slack fiber storage (300 feet - 91.44 m per reel) using the FieldShield® Deploy Reel with 900 μm FieldShield StrongFiber®. This eliminates the need for having a large, bulky and unsightly box on the side of an SFU, MDU or business location, to store excess or unused fiber.

FieldShield Deploy Reels are easily installed into YOURx-TAP by simply snapping them onto the post bracket that is mounted inside the box. Each post bracket has a built-in feature that locks the deploy reel in place once the fiber has been pulled to the specified location. 

Designed for all environments, the YOURx-TAP has a gasketed cover, watertight duct fittings and is made from impact and UV resistant PBT and PC material. Clearfield optical fiber terminations have been designed, tested and certified to GR-326.

Features & Benefits


  • Terminations designed, tested and certified to GR-326
  • StrongFiber, FieldShield, and FLEXdrop fiber cable is designed, tested and certified to GR-20
  • StrongFiber Deploy Reel designed, tested, and certified to GR-63
  • Supports singlemode SC connectors
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspections
  • Small footprint


  • Designed to meet NEMA 3X
  • Gasketed cover for protection from elements
  • Water-tight connectors for sealing of duct
  • Pin in hex screw for reduced tampering
  • Enclosure made of high-impact UV resistant thermal plastic material - to resist and withstand corrosive environments


  • Accepts multiple drop options for maximum flexibility
  • Removable hinged cover allows for easy access to closure
  • Available with up to two deploy reels
  • Lockable pins hold deploy reels in place once fiber is deployed
  • Available in SC/APC, SC/UPC
  • Wall and pole mount applications available


  • Available with pre-terminated deploy reels, which minimizes splicing and connectorization field costs
  • Can add reels after box has been installed
  • Available all hours of the day, without customer needing to be there to identify potential problems

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Dimensions 7.8" H x 6.25" W x 2.81" D (198.12 mm x 158.75 mm x 71.37 mm)
Box Options/Connector Availability/Capacity
  • Empty, no deploy reels
  • With L-Bracket that holds single fiber adapter
  • One or two StrongFiber Deploy Reels: SC/APC or SC/UPC with up to 300 feet of 900 μm StrongFiber
  • Empty Reel available for slack storage of FLATdrop or FLEXdrop™
Drop Options/Connector Types
  • StrongFiber Deploy Reels: SC/APC or SC/UPC
  • FieldShield® FLATdrop: with hardened connector
  • FieldShield D-ROP: Cable-in-conduit
  • FieldShield FLEXdrop
  • FieldShield Pushable Fiber
Cable Entrance/Exit
  • One or two 10 mm YOURx FlexPort
  • Empty plate, allows for other industry connectors to be installed
Private Labeling
  • Standard: comes with Clearfield® logo
  • No logo
  • Private labeling available (500 piece minimum). Contact Clearfield sales representative for details.
Mounting Options Wall or Pole Mount