Fieldshield Assist Module For Pushable Fiber

The FieldShield Assist Module is specifically designed to speed up installation time and ease deployment of pushable fiber within FieldShield microducts. Powered by any cordless drill, the FieldShield Assist Module enables FieldShield pre-connectorized and blunt end assemblies to be pushed quickly, at a constant and controlled speed, from the network access point to the end subscriber. Both lightweight and portable the FieldShield Assist Module is ideal for both internal and external use and can be mounted on a tripod, set on a flat work surface or hand-held when space is a premium.

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Product Details

The FieldShield Assist Module is a hand-held, cordless drill-powered tool used to push FieldShield Fiber into unoccupied FieldShield Microduct. The Assist Module incorporates an integrated clutch that engages when resistance reaches a threshold that could damage the cable. This helps to eliminate potential catastrophic damage due to buckling or folding of the fiber. Cable can be pushed 500 feet within OSP rated duct through four 90 degree turns or 300 feet when pushing in plenum duct for an inside plant environment. When used in conjunction with the integrated pull string that comes standard in all FieldShield ducts, push/ pull methods can provide longer distances.

Features & Benefits


  • Easy and intuitive use: Simply open, clamp duct, insert FieldShield Optical cable, close latch and apply a drill driven 1/4” hex socket


  • Torque-limited clutch helps prevent folding, buckling and kinking of fiber
  • Assist module prevents high compression loads on fiber during installation
  • Glare resistant LCD display cover improves visibility in direct sunlight
  • High-impact resistant polyurethane designed to be weather resistant for OSP environments


  • Tripod mount threading
  • Integrated LCD counter gives installer instant feedback on distances pushed in feet or meters
  • Works with 10 mm OD microducts and FieldShield Pushable Optical Fiber with diameter of 3 mm and 4 mm


  • Assists in delivering pre-terminated fiber in a small footprint, eliminating time and higher skilled splicing labor
  • Most economical, tech-friendly pushing machine on the market
  • Individual serialization and labeling of each unit to track factory repairs and service