WaveSmart Fiber Circulators

Provides fiber relief for applications that currently utilize a unidirectional dual fiber transmit/ receive configuration, using either 1310nm or 1550nm wide band optics or Sonet/Ethernet optics (discrete, SFP, XFP). Note: SFP or XFP systems may be better served using a WDM solution. 

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Product Details

The WaveSmart Circulator allows the user to reroute the traffic that traditionally required two fibers (one for each direction of travel) onto a single fiber with bidirectional traffic. This in turn allows the user to reduce the number of required fibers from two to one (four to two for working/protect systems).

Packaging Options

Clearview Cassette

The Clearview Cassette provides four optical devices in a single high Clearview Cassette or up to 36 input/output ports of any optical component device(s) of your choosing in a three high cassette. The Clearview Cassette then populates any FieldSmart product across the network, including inside plant panels, outside plant cabinets, and access network products, such as pedestals and wall mount panels.

Clearview xPAK

A compact and convenient means by which to land up to seven input/output ports of any optical component device. It can be deployed as a stand-alone device or integrated into a Clearfield designed enclosure or many industry-leading enclosures from the provider of your choosing.


For those service provides who have standardized on the LGX style, Clearfield provides the standard circulator devices in the LGX footprint which can be integrated within a Clearfield supplied LGX chassis or a LGX chassis of your choice.


Provides an unpackaged solution to integrate wave division technology into the fiber optic enclosure of your choice. Units are available pre-terminated or un-terminated with 250um, 900um, or 2mm “legs”.

Features & Benefits


  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209
  • Supports Industry standard SC/APC and LC/APC connectors and adapters in standard and custom platforms


  • Offered in the wide variety of Clearview® Cassettes and discrete packages
  • Ruggedized fiber up-jacket and packages available
  • Angled Polished connectors recommended throughout the network to minimize errors due to back reflection
  • Not recommended for Multi-longitudinal Mode (MLM) Laser based systems


  • Compact tube style discrete component offered for direct splice in options
  • Available in either wideband 1310nm or 1550nm
  • Clearview Cassettes hold four Circulators when using SC/APC and eight when using LC/APC 


  • WaveSmart Optical Components offer an economical, dense and user-friendly solution for deploying Circulators in a fiber network
  • Environmentally stable, high-isolation, low-insertion loss
  • “Grow-as-you-go” – only buy circulators as customer take rates increase 

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Insertion Loss < 1.0 dB (2.0 for matched pair)
Return Loss > 50 dB
Maximum Power 500 mW
Minimum Isolation > 40 dB
Channel Peak Isolation > 50 dB
Fiber Type SMF – 28e
Operating/Storage Temperature -40°C -/+ 85°C
PDL <0.15 dB
PMD < 0.05 ps
Industry Standards ROHS Compliant