FieldShield Fiber FlexConnector

The FieldShield Field Installable FlexConnector (FIFC) is an easy, tool-less way to create a water-tight seal when connecting FieldShield drop cable assemblies to the FieldShield FlexPorts in the YOURx-Terminal, YOURx-TAP and the YOURx Flex Box in the OSP or building demarc.
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Product Details

FieldShield 3mm and 4mm Cable

The Field Installable FlexConnector for FieldShield 3 and 4 mm cables completes the field installation options for FieldShield drop cable assemblies. Available for 3 mm cable with either a 10 or 14 mm FlexConnector or a 4 mm cable with a 14 mm FlexConnector, the simple design allows for installation in the field, without the need for heat shrink or specialized tools. Preconnectorized, pushable SC or MPO connectors, as well as pullable LC connectors, will easily pass through the FlexConnector.

FieldShield FLATdrop

FieldShield FLATdrop is the first pre-connectorized flat drop style cable to provide hardened environmental performance on a flat drop style cable without the added cost or dependency on the market’s existing bulky connector. Connectivity to access terminals and wall boxes is achieved through the innovative FlexConnector, which snaps into the YOURx-Terminal, YOURx-TAP and the YOURx Flex Box, providing an air-tight and water-tight connection.

Features & Benefits

  • FlexConnector designed and tested using FieldShield Drop Cables
  • FieldShield FlexConnector provides an air-tight, water-tight connection
  • Suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor implementations utilizing the FlexPort
  • Quick and easy deployment allows capital investment to be aligned to customer take-rates